The Unsolved Mystery Of Lake City Quiet Pills

Okay, pay attention, because this gets complicated. 

Before they disappeared 11 years ago, ReligionOfPeace moderated the /r/jailbait subreddit, which covers all the child pornography that you may be imagining. As well as stating their belief this was a good thing because a photograph was preferable to an actual child. and their support of legalized marijuana, they expressed interest and apparent knowledge of assassination, saying that there are simply things the legal system can't fix: "I can think of any number of criminal organizations that would benefit from a dose of lake city quiet pills."

Then, 14 hours after ReligionOfPeace's last post, another account, 2-6, posted news of ReligionOfPeace's death. 2-6 explaining how they met in the army and that Milo, ReligionofPeace's name, got him his first gig. Reading the outburst of grief 2-6 exclaimed "goddam. I did'nt no [sic] so many people could like him that did'nt[sic] sling a gun with him. Thank you. So I'm outta here now. I don't do [Reddit] stuff like you and Milo. Take care, keep the faith." And true enough, this thread is the only example of 2-6's activity on Reddit.

However, on, an aggregator of funny news, there's an account created seven years before ReligionOfPeace's death called AngelTwo-Six. And their bio reads "Dispensing Lake City Quiet Pills to lousy bastards in need of permanent rest since 1968." As internet explorers stumbled on the possible connection between the three accounts and the coincidence that ReligionOfPeace happened to randomly use "lake city quiet pills" in the same way, interest started bubbling

ReligionOfPeace, international man of mystery

On Fark, AngelTwo-Six would offer ways to break people in interrogations: "From past experience, placing the bastard's head in a sack with hungry rats (or leeches) works nicely." According to The News Blender, connected to AngelTwo-Six's posts was an email with an unusual website name: The site no longer exists, but it reportedly contained lots of dirty pictures of women. However, a hidden forum was also found with jobs in the EU and Asia.

On this site, AngelTwo-Six informed everyone of Milo's death, but not to worry because they had retrieved Milo's ironkey, an encrypted USB stick that intelligence operatives are said to use. Remember, Milo moderated a child pornography subreddit. This wasn't a person who would be too worried about people finding just anything out. 

Then internet sleuths realized that Quiet City Lake Pills sounds like Lake City Army Ammunition Plant, so perhaps the pills were bullets. They grew even more excited when they noticed that one date discussed was the day on which Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, the chief of logistics for Hamas's military wing, was assassinated. Suddenly, the weird shady site and two people who knew each other took on a dimension of international hitmen in the minds of the impressionable. What cannot be denied is that whether it's real or a hoax, the whole set up is certainly an unsolvable mystery.