Things Christopher Walken Fears The Most

Christopher Walken is one of the most easily recognized actors in Hollywood. He's been around for quite a while and has starred in some amazing films. It doesn't matter if the film is horror, drama, or comedy: Adding Walken to the mix makes it better. Even though he's demonstrated the depth of his talent, turning in stellar performances in a variety of genres, many people would agree that he does have a certain image — associated with a type of character. He's usually someone you wouldn't want to mess with, or a side character with a wealth of wisdom you wouldn't expect from, say, a janitor, like in Joe Dirt, when he happens to fit both categories.

It's kind of crazy to look at the roles played by this master of the acting craft and champion of "a speaking style that nobody else can pull off." Who would think he's scared of anything? The vengeful angel Gabriel in 1995's The Prophecy, a crime lord in 1986 for At Close Range – the list of Walken tough guys and villains could fill a book. And, apparently, so could his fears.

Walken is a real "city slicker." In fact, he blames his list of physical fears on growing up in Queens, New York, where he was born in 1943, as Biography reports.

Growing up in the city gave Walken a list of physical fears

For a guy who's played some seriously terrifying roles in movies, you'd think Walken would be less scared of the physical world, but as he tells The Guardian, "I don't mind dangerous psychic things, but dangerous physical things are — I don't even go into crowds. I don't go to the airport."

The Headless Horseman from Sleepy Hollow is the sort of creature who would permeate the nightmares of imaginative children, and understandably so. Walken played a monstrous creature sans head who is even more devilish once his head is present. Oddly enough, it wasn't the "Headless" in "Headless Horseman" that terrified Walken. It was the "horse." Walken is scared of horses. He says that every time he rides one, they sense his fear and take off... with Walken on board. "If it moves, I'm out of here," he told The Guardian. The horse you see him riding in the film was actually mechanical, because he refused to sit on a live one.

The list doesn't stop at crowds and horses, either. It seems Walken is scared of most things that move. He doesn't like to drive and will avoid flying at all costs. Oh, and add swimming and London to the list. He isn't afraid of kitchens, which is a plus. But let's be honest. His fears don't make Walken villains any less terrifying.