The Bizarre Job Dave Grohl Had Before Music

Dave Grohl has made a pretty big name for himself in the world of rock music. He was the drummer the famed band Nirvana, and the frontman for the arguably better band Foo Fighters. No, wait, stop. Don't go! Both bands are great in their own way. Nirvana was the was an icon for several generations and had at least five #1 hits. Foo Fighters haven't done too bad themselves, releasing over nine albums and having "Everlong" played on the radio long enough to annoy even their most devout fans.

The future superstar began learning the guitar at age 6 before teaching himself how to play drums by using the furnitureĀ in his room as a sort of makeshift drumkit. At the age 12, he'd already formed his first band. There was a point in high school where Grohl dropped out to join the band Scream. It looked like Grohl was destined for music before he ever tried out for Nirvana. Or did it?

Not all rocks are created equal

Before he was rock and rolling, Dave Grohl was just rocking and it had nothing to do with the music industry at all. He had a few notable jobs before jumping into his music career. He worked at a furniture warehouse, but that has nothing to do with rock or rocks of any sort. He worked in masonry, which does have a bit to do with rocks. Then he worked in rocks. Lots of rocks. Grohl tells Rolling Stone, "I worked at a nursery breaking f**king rocks." Back in his younger days in Springfield, Virginia, there didn't seem to be a whole of career prospects for the future musician, which is why he got into music in the first place.

"At one point, I thought, 'I know how to play drums. I'll learn to read music, become a session drummer and from that money, I'll put myself back through school," Grohl says. But when he talked to his high school guidance counselor about wanting a career in music, she responded by telling him, "You only want to do that because you know where the drugs are." She's certainly eating those words these days.