How Many World Records Does Dude Perfect Really Have

The five-man crew of Dude Perfect does some crazy things, makes some funny videos, and breaks world records on a regular basis. The Dude Perfect crew can be seen in several iterations. They've run a YouTube channel and The Dude Perfect Show on Nickelodeon and CMT, and they're currently working on the Dude Perfect: Overtime show on Vudu.

The crew is made up of a group of friends who have a knack for doing ridiculous things and making extreme trick shots. They pride themselves on being heavily Christian, entertaining a wide age range, and being able to pull off stunts that showcase skills that range somewhere between professional athletic talent and the superhuman. Chances are you've seen one of their trick shots, like an extreme water bottle flip or well-calculated multi-bounce ping pong ball score, come across your social media feed. So, how do these obscure skills rank in the Guinness Book of World Records? Pretty high it seems.

The World Record Edition

In one YouTube video alone, titled World Record Edition, the Dude Perfect group breaks 11 records. The first to break is the world's longest basketball shot make with one's head. Tyler Tony smashes it seemingly with ease, setting the new record and 37 feet 1 ½ inches. Granted, a YouTube video isn't likely to show you how many failed attempts they had to go through before landing the record-breaking shot.

The video follows it up with several more trick shots, many of which were previously held by professional basketball players, including the world's longest blindfolded hook shot by Garrett Hilbert, the world's longest hook shot by Tyler Tony, and the most free throws by two guys in one minute complete by the Cotton twins, and several more. Not to mention, Cody Jones confused the official Guinness World Record observer by making the world's longest blindfolded basketball shot on his first attempt.

In this video, we see what has to be one of the craziest shots ever made as Tyler Tony shatters the world record for the world's highest basketball shot from atop a building 533 feet above the basketball hoop. Unfortunately for Tony, his record has been broken by Derek Herron twice since then, setting the new record at 660 feet.

The World Record Edition number two

The second Dude Perfect World Record Edition, the records broken have a similar sports theme as the first, though it's not only basketball on the docket for this episode. The first record has Tyler Tony launching a football from the 50-yard line into a basketball hoop. The football sees nothing but net as Tony breaks the world record for the longest football throw through a basketball hoop. One caveat he wasn't expecting until he showed up: the ball can't touch the backboard. Tony was flawless anyway.

The following shot is pretty comical as Coby Cotton gets pelted with a football repeatedly trying to make the world's longest blindfolded catch. He breaks the record in the end but not without sustaining a serious battering. Other records broken in this episode include the furthest football kick into a basketball hoop, the longest throw caught between the legs, the world's longest football throw hitting a moving target, and a mess of other football-related record breakings that prove these guys could easily be professional athletes in the world weirdest, non-invented sport. Whatever that may be.

Of course, the video ends with a couple of ridiculous shots, like Tyler Tony making the world's highest football throw into a basketball hoop and the world's highest football pass. For the latter, Cody Jones passes a football down to Tyler Tony from a helicopter 563 feet above the stadium. It's nuts.

Current Guinness World Records

So, how many of these Guinness World Records does the Dude Perfect crew currently hold? At the time this article was written, the team held at least 20 Guinness World Records, according to the Guinness official website. Many of these are sports-related and can be found on the group's previously mentioned videos. The other records they hold seem to just be random things Dude Perfect decided they needed to be best at, such as when Cody Jones and the Cotton twins broke the record for the fastest time to wrap a person in wrapping paper in 2018, coming in at slightly under two minutes. Let's not forget our personal favorite: the fastest time finding and organizing all of the letters in a can of alphabet soup, which Cody Jones managed to do in 3 minutes and 21 seconds. It's not the most useful talent in the world, but it's one that deserves some proper appreciation.

They also hold a second-place rank for the world's highest-earning YouTube channel at $20 million in a single year, falling just slightly below an eight-year-old boy who brought in a whopping $26 million. Maybe we're in the wrong business.