Whatever Happened To The Dave Matthews Band?

The Dave Matthews Band was an explosion in the '90s music world. They came out of nowhere and seemed to become famous overnight. The band has cut at least nine studio albums, won or have been nominated for several awards, and are a big name on the metaphorical '90s soundtrack of life. Dave himself even went off to do his own solo thing. The two together (band and solo act) have gone platinum multiple times. So, where the heck did this musical force from the '90s and '00s end up?

It might seem like The Dave Matthews Band fell off the face of the Earth. Let's be frank, there were always two kinds of people: Those who loved The Dave Matthews Band and those who loved to make fun of those who loved them. After the 2000s, both types went quiet. The Dave Matthews Band's popularity has waned in what could be argued as a "natural course," but they certainly didn't disappear.

They were going strong for nearly two decades

The Dave Matthews Band hit the ground running after they formed in Charlottesville, Virginia in 1991. By the end of the decade, they were superstars. A lot of the band's unique sound comes from the members' solid backgrounds in jazz before joining with Matthews to produce his first tape. (Yes, back then it was tapes and not CD's. We're old. We know it.)

As their official website reports, the band went from playing their first gig at a private rooftop party in 1991 to their first Grammy award nomination in 1995 and their first win in 1996. Basically, it took no time for the jamband to grow to fame and begin to fill out stadiums with screaming fans.

As for the band's namesake, Matthews branched out into a solo career in 2003 with a debut album that won the artist another Grammy Award. You might think that this was the turning point that ended the band, but that's a big fat "nope." Matthews continued playing both with the Dave Matthews Band and as a solo artist. The band would have continued success, seeing Grammy nominations all the way up to 2009 and releasing their latest album, Come Tomorrow, in 2018.

LeRoi Moore's tragic death

The Dave Matthews Band hit their first major bump in the road in 2008 with the death of the band's saxophonist and co-founder, LeRoi Moore. Moore passed away in August, but the story starts back in June of that year when the musician was riding an ATV on his farm. Moore wrecked the ATV and was rushed to the hospital where he went from critical to fair condition within a day's time, according to the Post and Courier.

The accident caused Moore to go on a temporary hiatus as he worked through an intensive rehabilitation program. The accident had broken several ribs and punctured his lung. MTV says John Coffin of Béla Fleck and the Flecktones filled in for Moore during scheduled Dave Matthews Band performances while he healed up. Unfortunately, Moore wouldn't get a chance to rejoin the band on stage. Complications from the accident came back to kill the musician two months later.

Moore's death, as sad as it was, didn't keep the Dave Matthews Band from playing music. They rolled on, even releasing their next album in Moore's honor, but the band would face other bumps in the road ahead.

Boyd Tinsley is fired

"I need to take a break from the band & touring 2 focus on my family & my health 4 a while," Boyd Tinsley, Dave Matthews Band's former violinist, tweeted in February of 2018. "I will miss you guys & my brothers in the band but I'm somewhat worn out & need 2 spend more time with my family & 2 bring more balance to my life. Thanks 4 ur Love." The tweet made the world think maybe Tinsley was going on hiatus, but the truth is a lot darker. Tinsley did indeed step away from the band, and the band supported his decision to do so, hoping that he'd someday return. That is, until sexual assault allegations came out against Tinsley, at which point the Dave Matthews Band fired him for good, according to Consequence of Sound. The band said they were "shocked by these disturbing allegations and [they] were not previously aware of them."

The allegations referred to several instances of Tinsley sexting a former protégé, collecting dirty socks (for God only knows what), and other accusations of sexual misconduct related in the lawsuit. The parties ended up settling out of court, reported The Daily Progress.

The band may be missing two of its original members, but that hasn't caused them to disappear. They're still playing music and currently have tour dates set through 2021.