How Much Rust Valley Restorers' Mike Hall Is Actually Worth

Rust Valley Restorers, the History Channel show that first aired in 2018, has attracted a large fan base of classic car aficionados and restoration junkies. The popular show has since been picked up by Netflix and distributed internationally, and the success of Rust Valley Restorers seems to have paid off well for the host of the show, Mike Hall (center, in the photo above). According to The Cinemaholic, Hall's estimated worth is close to $2 million. The majority of his net worth comes not only from his business dealings, in which he sometimes sells his restored cars at a loss, but from his valuable personal collection of cars.

The 64-year-old began collecting cars as a teenager in Manitoba, Canada, and has since amassed a collection of over 400 vintage cars, according to HotCars. He and his wife live with his dog, Minnie, on a 26-acre farm in Tappen, British Columbia. 

The farm itself, which is currently up for sale, is valued at $1.45 million. In addition, Hall has accumulated a portion of his wealth from his former slope stabilization company, called Chimera Springs Rock Works, according to Screenrant.

Mike Hall is no stranger to reality TV

After leaving the construction industry, he began investing his earnings into fixing up old cars, eventually opening up his own classic car restoration business. In fact, Hall is so passionate about car restoration that his family and coworkers say he frequently "fall[s] in love with the car they're working to restore," and will end up selling it for less money than he sank into the cost of restoration, reports Screenrant.

Hall was previously part of the cast of another reality show, the Canadian documentary series Highway Through Hell, which began in 2012. That show depicts the operations of a heavy vehicle rescue and towing company set in the dangerous mountains of British Columbia. Hall appeared as a rock climber helping to dislodge fallen rocks.

His forays into reality TV notwithstanding, Hall has remained a fairly private person. Despite his success and new-found fame as the star of a popular reality show now in its third season, Hall still likes to keep details of his personal life quiet and even eschews social media.