How Much Rust Valley Restorer's Avery Shoaf Is Actually Worth

Avery Shoaf is the lead mechanic and second in command on the popular Netflix television series Rust Valley Restorers, which first aired on the History Channel in late 2018. The Canadian documentary series is set on a 26-acre farm in Tappen, British Columbia, where the show's star and Shoaf's best friend, Mike Hall, owns a restoration lot with over 400 vintage cars, according to HotCars.

Shoaf and Hall share a passion for restoring classic cars, and Shoaf's decades of experience, along with his impressive knowledge of vintage automobiles and all things mechanical, means he is often the first person Hall consults before work begins on any new project on the show. In fact, Shoaf's mechanical skills and enthusiasm for his profession have earned him the nickname "muscle car MacGyver," according to The Cinemaholic. While Hall and Shoaf sometimes disagree over the course of a restoration, they respect each other's technical skills and are close friends.

Avery Shoaf's net worth is around $200,000

It is clear the rest of the crew admires Shoaf's expertise and innovative spirit. Not only is he talented, he is also quick. Shoaf has shown he is able to completely restore rusted, broken-down cars from the 1940s in just a little over a week, per HotCars.

Prior to joining the show, Shoaf ran his own company, called Tappen Business, which rebuilt heavy machinery. In 2018, he opened up his own rural restoration shop and restored cars on his own. Unfortunately, the business never took off, so Shoaf turned his career aspirations toward reality TV instead. He took his expertise to the set of Rust Valley Restorers, sprucing up cars with the rest of the docuseries cast. 

He keeps his personal life to himself, and except for the occasional Instagram post with his son, he shares very few details about his relationships and family life. With his combined earnings from his previous businesses and appearances on Rust Valley Restorers, Shoaf's net worth is estimated to be around $200,000, according to HotCars.