What Rick Steiner Has Been Doing Since Leaving Wrestling

As a wrestler, Rick Steiner proved his worth both in the amateur world of traditional grappling and the professional one of speedos, insults, rivalries, and childhood idols who really should never be allowed around children. The man known in the WWE, WCW, and other pro leagues as "The Dog-Faced Gremlin" was also a record-setting All American wrestler during his time at the University of Michigan. After sharpening his teeth in the ring as a solo competitor, Rick recruited his brother Scott in 1989, and the two formed one of the most formidable tag teams the sport has ever seen. According to Wrestling-Titles, the brothers took their first world tag team title in the National Wrestling Alliance world their debut year. The Steiner Brothers spent some time in the WWE in the early 1990s, then a short stint with the ECW before returning to the WCW in 1996, then they parted ways after Scott turned on Rick during a match against The Outsiders at SuperBrawl VIII.

After another tag team partner, Buff Bagwell, betrayed him in 1998, Rick teamed up with Bagwell's mom, Judy, to get even. In what the WWE remembers as one of the most absurd championship bouts ever, Judy slapped her traitorous son across the face to win the title with Steiner.

Although Steiner still makes sporadic appearances in the square circle, you'll never guess what he spends most of his time doing after leaving full-time wrestling.

Looking for a new house in Atlanta? Call Rick Steiner

According to his official WWE bio, Rick Steiner's pugnacious catchphrase to his opponents was "If you don't like me, bite me." We assume that his people skills have improved since then, because now the Dog-Faced Gremlin sells real estate in Georgia. That's right: you can buy land in the Peach State from a world tag team champion. He's still got the goatee, but he kicked the spandex and his iconic headgear, usually opting for the classic dad look of a pastel polo shirt and jeans (every job has its uniform). Although his real name is Robert Rechsteiner, he kept the wrestling name for his real estate gig, and it seems to be working out well for him.

Speaking of his dad look, Steiner is father to three sons, one of whom has also gone on to be a professional athlete. According to Wrestling Inc., his son Bronson Rechsteiner was signed onto the Baltimore Ravens football team as an undrafted rookie in April 2020. A fullback, Bronson lead his team in rushing yards at Kennesaw State University, in the Georgia town of the same name, in the 2019 season. His ex-pro wrestler uncle Scott tweeted at the Ravens that there was a "141 2/3 percent chance that this was a great pick" (whatever that means) and congratulated him on the new gig.

Rick Steiner, a champion on the local school board

Steiner has also served on the Cherokee County School Board since 2005. Although the name recognition from his wrestling days probably helped him in the real estate biz, it initially caused him some trouble in public service. He was first appointed to fill a vacancy on the board in November 2005, but as The Associated Press reported, he was disqualified when he ran to be elected to the board in 2006, since the name "Rick Steiner" wasn't on the county's list of registered voters. Steiner wrote a letter to the elections supervisor, saying that his real estate license is registered to that name, and added that he goes by Rick Steiner "to everyone I know." Although he wasn't able to qualify in time for the July primary of that year, he got "Robert Rechsteiner" on the ballot for the November general election and won.

And parents seem to like what he's done with the place. Patch reported in 2014 that the platform that has consistently gotten him back on the board (aside from running unopposed) has been his dedication to increasing graduation rates, among other goals. "I've been proud to see us start new programs, increase our use of classroom technology and increase our test scores," he said. "But, I know we have more work to do." And he's continued that work since. The Cherokee Tribune & Ledger News reported that the incumbent won another four-year term (again, unopposed) in 2018.