Why Do People Break Up During The Holidays?

For many, winter is cuffing season — a time to start exploring who's out there. But, for many others, the holidays bring up many feelings, and they eventually break up with their partners. It sucks to end a relationship during or near the holidays, because it's a time when people want to be around their loved ones. So, why is it that someone is willing to break up during this time? Every relationship is different, but it could be because of a few things, wrote Psychology Today.

As people process the holidays, certain things about their relationship might become clear, especially when they see their partner interact with their family. Psychology Today said it's often the time when people realize they never really fit in with their significant other's family, or that their values don't align. For some, they break up during the holidays because their families never liked the person they're with, and they feel they owe their families a debt. 

OkCupid pointed out that seeing how your partner interacts with their family can be illuminating. It can also shine a light on behaviors they display that you dislike.

Twist that knife, why don't ya?

Sometimes, people break up around the holidays to signify the end of an era. What better way to start a new year than ending a relationship you had the previous year? Of course, it sucks to break up during a holiday, but for many people, it hurts more to stay in a relationship before the New Year. If there are people who want to start the year anew, then there are those who unintentionally hurt their partner by breaking up with them during a time when family and loved ones become more important. Psychology Today clarified that people who do this don't do so with malicious intent; sometimes, they're in too much pain, or wallowing in their anger, motivating them to inflict pain where they can.

Not all holiday breakups are entirely planned. The holidays are an emotional time. Any fights couples have are heightened, and sometimes they lead to breakups. The holidays sometimes so force people to want to project happiness, said OkCupid, that they'll stress about things that are not making them happy.

It does feel terrible to experience a relationship ending at a time when you want to just spend time with people you love. But at least your family and friends are around to help you get through it. Besides, a break-up is not the saddest thing to happen during the holidays.