Larry King's Last Social Media Posts Will Bring You To Tears

Everyone's favorite suspenders-clad broadcasting legend, Larry King, died January 23, 2021. Hospitalized at the beginning of the year after experiencing complications from COVID-19, King seemed to be rounding the corner in the right direction just a few days later. Unfortunately, although no cause has been released, it was announced that King died in a statement posted on his official Facebook and Twitter accounts (via CNN). 

Glancing through King's last few social media posts, though, you can see that although he posted only occasionally, he was still interested in sharing a bit of his life here and there to his legions of fans. His last Facebook post celebrated the Los Angeles Dodgers and their 2020 World Series win on October 27th. Biography notes that King was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1933 — which is where the Dodgers were located from 1911 to 1957 (via Baseball-Reference). 

However, King's last Twitter post was a photo of himself and two of his sons as they celebrated a takeout Thanksgiving dinner together. "Happy Thanksgiving!" he wrote. "I'm thankful for my boys and dinner from Craig's!" His last Instagram post also featured a post about his sons. It really brings the tears on when you see how happy they all are together.

Social media gives us a glimpse of Larry King's life

King wasn't super active on social media in general, at least as far as his personal life goes — he was still conducting interviews with important people and promoting those just a few months ago on both Twitter and Facebook. The excitement of the Dodgers' World Series run was apparent in the King household, as the family carved a pumpkin featuring the team's logo for Halloween and posted a photo of himself and his sons wearing Dodgers hats on Twitter the day they clinched the title. 

Just a little later, King tweeted congratulations to Biden and Harris on their win in the 2020 presidential election, and tweeted, "Thank you for all the kind birthday messages today..." on November 19th, his 87th birthday. 

These little poignant peeks of King's personal life aren't very frequent, but they do shine through every so often on his Twitter and Facebook accounts. He will be sadly missed by his family, his friends, and his fans around the world.