Matthew McConaughey's Doritos 3D Commercial Is Turning Heads

The perennially alright actor Matthew McConaughey made a splash a few years back with his Lincoln commercials in which he was characteristically meditative about how he'd been driving the cars since before it was cool. Lines like, "It's not about huggin' trees, it's not about bein' wasteful, either. You gotta find that balance," were cheesy enough to get him parodied on Saturday Night Live by the king of goofballs, Jim Carrey

Now McConaughey's turning heads again, but this time it's for the new Doritos 3D Crunch. Possibly spoofing on the overly serious nature of that other famous ad campaign of his, the commercial also features McConaughey's inner voice getting overly existential and once again finding himself through material consumption. But this time the cheesiness is both intentional and literal. Let's take a look McConaughey's new Doritos ad and see if it does what the company's marketing department is known for: giving us a laugh while also giving us the munchies.

Mathew McConaughey finds fulfillment in the new Doritos 3D

"Lately, I just... I haven't been feeling quite like myself," says our favorite narrator at the beginning of the commercial. We then follow his two-dimensional image as it brushes its teeth, tries to catch a football, and has trouble being seen after ordering coffee in a cafe. "Life used to feel... fuller," he says as we hear Freddy Mercury's quintessential growl come through singing, "I want to break free." Matthew almost gets sucked up by his Roomba and blown away by a strong gust of wind, all the while lamenting on how empty his life is. He even makes an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show alongside Mindy Kaling, where he gets asked by the oh-so-clever Kimmel if he faxed himself to the set.

Then McConaughey finds the answer to his existential crisis in a vending machine stocked full of Doritos 3D Crunch. He slips inside and pilfers a bag, and as soon as he eats one of the deliciously crunchy snacks, he becomes a real boy again. Of course, now he has a new problem. He's crammed inside a vending machine full of Doritos. Good for a laugh. And now we're hungry.