The First Thing 28% Of People Would Do If A Zombie Apocalypse Happened

Zombies are misunderstood. If you think about it, they're just our dearly departed friends and family who are getting a new lease on life. Yet due to the perceived notion that if zombies existed they would insist on consuming the flesh of the regular living folk, it's a good idea to have a plan to survive a zombie apocalypse – you know, just in case. 

We wanted to know what people's first instincts would be in case of such an event, so Grunge conducted a poll of 518 people around the U.S. to see what their priorities are. The largest group of people — almost 35% — said the first thing they would do once the zombie apocalypse starts is find their family. That's cool. That feels important. 

In the second-largest group, 28% of people said they'd find secure shelter. This will come in handy, no doubt, but as we learned in Night of the Living Dead, you can't stay inside forever. Doomsday Preppers are going to have an edge here.

About 18% of people realized at some point they'll probably have to fight a zombie. A little more than 9% of people said the first thing they would do in the event of a zombie apocalypse would be to find edged weapons. Another 9.65% said they'd find ammo. It's been said the main thing you have to do to kill a zombie is obliterate their brains, so feel free to get creative. 

About 14% of people are banking on zombies' perceived inability to swim

Nearly 10% of those polled said they'd find water, and another 3.86% said they'd find a boat, assuming zombies can't swim. A seemingly sound idea, but according to Business Insider, water isn't enough to stop a zombie attack. Those relentless corpses can keep-on-keeping-on by walking along the bottom of a body of water until they get to where you anchored your boat — if you subscribe to the Walking Dead's version of zombie mythology, anyway. 

Four percent of poll respondents had other ideas. Some would pray, some would find food and hide, others said they'd join the resistance. 

One respondent has given the scenario ample thought. Their plan is to "find a remote location for shelter for my family, circled by a ring of the biggest flammable items stretching as far out as possible to burn any of the creatures that step inside it plus a fence encircling the fire pit to slow the first zombies down to make sure my ring of fire is used efficiently."

No word on how they'll keep the fire burning, but at least they'll have that all-important shelter and family along for the ride — and maybe some of those family members even remembered to grab weapons, food, and water.