Survey Reveals Surprising Number Of People Who Think Bigfoot Actually Exists

If you don't believe that mythical creatures like mermaids, unicorns or werewolves actually exist, you'd probably be in the majority. But where's the fun in that? The world can be a harsh place, which is why clinging to unproven stories or believing in more than the eye can see is a time-honored tradition. Maybe that's why 30 percent of 518 the people who participated in Grunge's super scientific poll that asked, "which mythical creatures do you think actually exist?" said their money is on Bigfoot. 

Why Bigfoot is the mythical creature whose existence most people can buy into is anyone's guess, but according to Nature, at least there is some scientific basis for other human-like creatures that existed before homo-sapiens cornered the market on being a human on earth. 

Maybe, just maybe, some other type of human survived, though the myth begs the question as to how that would work, since the idea of Sasquatch tends to be a lone male, so how, pray tell, are Littlefoots coming into the world to keep the alleged creature's lineage going? How are there sightings from Florida (via WCJB-TV) to Washington (as the Bellingham Herald reports) if there is only one? Or if there are numerous eight-foot-tall hairy creatures wandering in the wilderness — where the ladies at?  

So many unanswerable questions. But as Smithsonian points out in their article, "Why Do So Many People Still Want to Believe in Bigfoot?," the "absence of evidence is not evidence of absence either." Just sayin'.

52 percent of people polled told Grunge they believe in a mythical creature

To be fair, Bigfoot isn't the only mythical creature people who took the Grunge poll said they think actually exist. Scotland's Loch Ness monster came in at a little more than 18 percent. Ten percent of people said they think chupacabra, a  blood-sucking bipedal creature whose story hails from Puerto Rico, could be real. 

Just over 8 percent of people polled think mermaids are the real deal, and nearly 9 percent are down to believe in werewolves. The least amount of people polled think unicorns exist, but 7.5 percent said sure, horses with horns growing from their heads is a real thing. 

Still, about 16 percent of those polled said they didn't believe any of the mythical creatures Grunge offered up were real, though UFOs, Dracula and angels got an honorable mention from independent poll takers. As did the elusive perfect man. One participant wrote that he's the mythical creature she believes in, saying, "the real man we ask dream about as young girls — the hero to all, perfect in all ways, there's nothing he can't do. I'm sure he's out there ... somewhere!" 

Maybe he is, and maybe his name is Bigfoot.