28% Of People Hate This Classic Rock Band

When it comes to classic rock, there are matters of taste, and then there are bands that were just objectively bad. For example, just about everyone can agree that bands like Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and The Who were good classic rock bands. But when it comes to the ones that make you change the station every time they come on the radio, who do we all really hate? Can we all agree on one that we just can't stand to hear? Is it the Eagles, a country band masquerading as a classic rock band? Or Rush? (Really, what was the deal with Rush?)

We know it's only rock and roll and that you like it, but we wanted to know which bands you just cannot stand. So Grunge asked 518 rock and roll fans across the country what their most hated classic rock band is, and as we suspected, our readers are sensible folks with excellent taste. Let's see what the survey says.

KISS is so hated that they shouldn't even count as classic rock

It's no wonder that most people who responded to the poll — over 28 percent — said they hate KISS. That's because KISS isn't a rock band, it's a gimmick. If you have to paint yourself up like some kind of goofy devil clown in order for people to come to your shows, that says something about the music you make. So, well done, Grunge readers. You have chosen correctly. But who else ranked among the most hated classic rock bands?

Our survey also found that just over 15 percent of respondents hate Steely Dan, which is also acceptable, considering their creepy lyrics about cousin love and old men chasing underage girls. Next on the list was Rush, with over 12 percent of votes, followed by Genesis, Aerosmith, and the Eagles, in that order.

Around 20 percent of respondents chose "Other," and then specified bands like AC/DC, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bruce Springsteen, and Def Leopard. There were also those who chose bastions of classic rock, such as the Stones, Beatles, and Zeppelin, which we take to mean they just don't like classic rock. And still others seemed utterly confused by the survey and wrote in musicians that have nothing to do with the genre, such as Taylor Swift, the Bee Gees, Gwar, Green Day, and Vanilla Ice. Still, most had the sense to agree that KISS was a mistake that we should all just forget ever happened. (Even though it's still happening.)