These Are The Places The Ghost Adventures Crew Doesn't Want To Revisit

Zak Bagans of Ghost Adventures has nerves of steel. Most of the time. He and the Ghost Adventures crew have investigated some of the creepiest possibly haunted places on earth, from Italy's Proveglia Island to Vermont's Everett Mansion, where they reportedly saw human-shaped things walk straight through locked doors. They even investigated the Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, which Bagans said was "saturated with dark energies."

The guy is definitely used to things that go bump in the night, but there are a few places he and the Ghost Adventures crew have no desire to revisit, not in this life, or the next. He told Mental Floss that Goatman's Bridge, a supposed Satan worship hangout in Denton, Texas, and Vicksburg, Mississippi's McRaven Mansion were definitely on the list. "I've been to a lot of different demonic places, but in those locations it seemed like it was really just affecting those people," he said. "Those were some of the most terrifying moments of my life." But perhaps the scariest place he'll never return to was the subject of his 2019 film Demon House.

The Ghost Adventures crew will never revisit the Demon House, and neither will anyone else

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, Bagans heard that some 200 demons haunted a house in Gary, Indiana, so he called up the realtor and bought it sight unseen. Then he boarded himself up inside. But when he came out of the house that he ended up calling "a portal to hell," he was never the same. He now suffers from an unexplainable case of double vision, what doctors told him is called diplopia but couldn't tell him how he'd developed it. He now has to wear special prism glasses to correct the condition.

Back in 2018, he said that whatever he came into contact with in that house hadn't ever let him go. "I think that whatever was there visits me. It's with me," he said, adding that he kind of missed the house.

But something apparently changed since then, because by the time he spoke with Mental Floss in January 2021, he was singing a different tune. He said that he had razed the house and would never even return to the location. "I have no intention to go back to that land," he said. "It was a demonic virus."