You Wouldn't Want To Meet Skid Row's Sebastian Bach In Real Life. Here's Why

Sebastian Bach, frontman of legendary '80s hard rock group Skid Row, has been rocking crowds since the Reagan administration. The 52-year-old Canadian rocker, born Sebastian Bierk in the Bahamas, according to All Music, may melt your face off from the stage, just like any rock act of his day. But he also looks like, off-stage, he'd be pretty harmless: a wrinkled, gray-haired, Broadway-obsessed Gen-Xer, old enough to be a grandfather.

But looks can be deceiving, and Sebastian Bach is no exception. Though he's of an age when his peers would much rather put on their reading glasses and curl up with a book after a concert, rather than raise hell, Sebastian doesn't appear to fit neatly into that mold. Like a lot of musicians, he's been known to get into scrapes with the law and is not afraid to go toe-to-toe with other rockers. He maintains a healthy diet and workout routine and is well and truly ripped; and he almost rocked himself to death, literally.

Sebastian Bach appears to have a short fuse

The annals of Rock & Roll History are filled with incidents of rockers raising hell off the stage, to the point where handcuffs and court appearances enter the narrative. This was especially true in the freewheeling '80s, when Bach and his band, Skid Row, started getting big. During his band's heyday, Bach famously threw a bottle at the crowd at a 1989 concert, as Loudwire reported, breaking a woman's nose in the process.

Although the '80s ended 30 years ago, Bach doesn't seem to have gotten the memo. Even in his middle age, he seems to have a propensity for fisticuffs and other skirmishes with the law. For example, in 2010, according to The New York Post, he allegedly got into an altercation at an Ontario bar that ended in Bach smashing a glass and biting an employee.

He also isn't afraid to get down and dirty with fellow rockers. For example, he famously feuded with Jon Bon Jovi in the '80s, at times the two men threatening to tear into each other in a dressing room or wherever else they happened to be, according to Ultimate Classic Rock. And just recently, he got into a war of words on Twitter with rocker Chris Jericho, whom Bach accused of lip-syncing, and which ended with the Fozzy frontman inviting his adversary to the boxing ring, according to Rockfeed.

Sebastian Bach rocked so hard he required surgery

Hernia surgery is, for most adults who undergo it, a rather routine and mundane annoyance. Also mundane and routine are the ways people develop hernias: usually through injuries or strains to abdominal and groin muscles, which happen due to giving birth, undergoing physical exertion, or similar issues.

Sebastian Bach got his hernia, in 2017, in the most metal way possible: from rocking so hard. Specifically, as Brave Words reported at the time, Bach developed a hernia from spending decades on stage working his vocal cords and abdominal muscles too hard.

"I had a hernia from screaming my guts out. It was a voice-related injury, but it was nothing to do with my throat," he said, noting that fellow rockers Rob Halford from Judas Priest and Dug Pinnick from Kings X had also done the same thing to themselves. "I am ok now. I got an innie now, instead of an outtie," he added.

Sebastian Bach is health-conscious and absolutely ripped

Men in their 50's start seeing the effects of age on their bodies: wrinkling, a spare tire around the abdomen, some flab around the arms. What's more, bad eating habits and sedentary lifestyles start to take their toll on the aging Gen-Xer. Bach, however, took one look in the mirror, said "screw that," and decided to live a healthy lifestyle. It shows.

Back in February 2020, as Metalhead Zone reported, Bach posted a picture of himself on his official Instagram account, showing off guns that looked like they were chiseled out of granite.

In the caption, Bach revealed that a healthy lifestyle of a good diet and solid exercise are the way to go, using a math metaphor to make his point: "All I can tell you is rock n' roll x yoga รท running + veggie burgers = RESULTS! Even for an old dude like me!," he wrote.