Aaron Homer

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Viburnum, MO
Trivia, History, Popular Culture, Language
  • Aaron Homer has written extensively about true crime, and in particular murder, in his writing career. His mother ravenously consumed pulpy true-crime books and magazines, instilling in him an interest in the fascinating underworld of killers and their victims.
  • Aaron Homer has been fascinated by history ever since he began sneaking looks through his grandmother's extensive library of books about the Civil War, Ancient Rome, and the Great Depression. This has translated into a fondness for writing about history.
  • Aaron Homer loves trivia, minutiae, and what goes on behind the scenes. While other baseball fans are concerned with stolen base records or batting averages, Aaron researches the process used to manufacture the balls, or what kind of equipment the groundskeepers use. This makes Aaron your go-to guy if you're interested in the nuts & bolts of a particular topic.


Aaron Homer has been writing professionally since 2014. He has written thousands of news-aggregation stories for The Inquisitr, has written multiple articles for Grunge, and has been published on Buzzfeed.
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