This Is How Much Jimmy Page Is Actually Worth

Jimmy Page is one of the most legendary guitarists in rock and roll history. The almost preternaturally talented picker was known for his lengthy solos that were full of sounds no one had ever plucked out of a guitar before, using techniques no one had ever thought of before. In fact, as Rolling Stone points out, there were those who maintained that he had to have sold his soul to the devil to play the way he did. Page, for his part, never denied the accusations. Like Robert Johnson before him, such rumors were good for his reputation. It appears that Page may have even thrown fuel on the fire when he bought a home in Loch Ness, Scotland, once owned by the British occultist Aleister Crowley.

Led Zeppelin burned hard and bright, and Page hasn't really been up to much ever since. (There was that one weird collaboration with Puff Daddy for his song on the soundtrack of the 1998 "Godzilla" film, but we're gonna just continue to overlook that brief and inexplicable return to the pop music spotlight.) The band in which he pioneered heavy metal, however, has remained popular and gone down in rock history as an absolute legend. So just how well does such a career pay off? Let's take a look into Jimmy Page's net worth and see.

It definitely pays to be one of the greatest guitarists of all time

If you're a struggling musician trying to make it big, why not try proposing a deal with the ole devil himself? I couldn't hurt. (Well, according to the folks at church, it could hurt quite a bit, but what do they know?) It definitely paid off for Jimmy Page. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the former Led Zeppelin guitarist is worth a whopping $180 million. With that kind of cash, he's been able to afford a few amazing properties during his lifetime. Aside from Crowley's most likely haunted Scottish estate, Page also owned a boathouse on the Thames River. The Guardian reports that in 1972 he bought the Tower House, a mini-castle in London designed by architect William Burges.

But Page has done more with his wealth than just buy cool houses. According to Look To The Stars, he is a founding patron of a charity called ABC Trust, or Action for Brazil's Children, an organization based in the U.K. that provides education and economic support to kids living on the street in Brazil. He has also financially supported organizations like the Mount Sinai Hospital, ChildLine, the AIDS Memorial Campaign, and more. If that's what devil worshipping is, maybe we should rethink our Satanic Panic fears.