Most Epic Bathroom Scenes In Movies

Movie scenes that take place in the most used room of them all — the bathroom — are often hilarious, horrifying, or a winning combo of both. There are some amazing bathroom scenes that have graced our screens over the years, but the following definitely take the (urinal) cake.

American Pie

There are a lot of funny bathroom scenes in the American Pie series, but the one with Finch blasting the hell out of a toilet in the girl's bathroom was the most epic of all.

Finch, whom Stiffler calls s***brick due to his inability/refusal to take a dump at school, is suffering from a slight case of pharmaceutical-grade laxative-induced immediate-onset diarrhea. You know the kind. He's tricked into running into the ladies room, where he attempts to relieve himself only to find that a couple of girls have taken up temporary residence in the stalls adjacent to his. Not only does he need to try and hold it, but they are talking about him and his supposed virility, when he finally just can't hold it in anymore.

The girls run screaming from the bathroom, which of course, is the only way out. Finch follows and runs into the snickers and guffaws of ... pretty much the entire school, because this entire series was an awkward teen's nightmare. Sure, we all poop, but how many people can both clear the room and bring together a whole other room while doing it?

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Have you ever been sitting on the crapper and just couldn't get that last piece of business out? You wanted to make that number two work for you, right? Well that's exactly what Tom Arnold thinks is going on in the stall next to him in this scene from the first Austin Powers movie.

Granted, Powers is beating the life out of a goon by giving him an epic swirlie, instead of dropping his nasty into the bowl, but Arnold doesn't know that. They may have even named Robert Wagner's character Number 2 just for this one joke so Powers could say, "Who does Number 2 work for?" OK, so that's absolutely what they did. Tom Arnold caps off the scene perfectly when he sees the goon upside-down, head stuck in the toilet, and asks of Powers, "Jesus Christ, boy! What did you eat?" There you have it: proof that Tom Arnold, on rare occasions, can actually make a scene better.

There's Something About Mary

After years of obscurity, little Ben Stiller's finally grown, and is going to prom with the most beautiful girl in school. He even winds up in her home and she is ready to go. But first, time to pee. Problem is, while taking care of number one, a couple girls see you, freak out, and he freaks out too. He freaks out so much, in fact, he doesn't think to clear the area when zipping back up and ... well, if you've seen the movie, you can still hear him scream.

This is already every guy's worst nightmare (NSFW), so of course it immediately becomes worse, as his date's father, her mother, a cop, and even a fireman all come in to see what's going on. After everyone stares and giggles, the fireman attempts a zipdown, which sends Stiller bleeding all the way to the hospital. Still, a better fate than going to pronm and having to suffer ugh the Electric Slide.

Dumb and Dumber

It's either happened to you, or it's always been your worst nightmare: you're visiting your lovely date and need to take a dump. It's okay, everyone poops! Of course, you want to keep your deuce-dropping on the down-low, so when it comes time to make it happen, you do it quietly and quickly.

That's ... not how Jeff Daniels got away with the craptastrophe he underwent from a recent dosing of laxative. Not only is he obnoxiously loud while blasting the toilet, the damn thing won't flush! So what do you do when the recently befouled commode won't suck your s*** down, and the girl's right outside the door? Why, take it apart and dump it out the window, of course. Girls dig creative plumbing solutions!


The fun and nasty bits of this scene start out in the bathroom, but they certainly don't end there. As each woman succumbs to the food poisoning that has ravaged their respective bellies, one pukes all over the toilet while Melissa McCarthy takes a dump in the sink screaming "Don't look at me!" It isn't long before one woman runs in and pukes on the head of the lady puking in the toilet. It's like the world's most disgusting layer cake.

Meanwhile, Kristen Wiig is fighting the inevitable as the blushing bride, Maya Rudolph, runs into the street wearing what has to be a very expensive wedding dress, only to stop, drop, and take a massive dump in the middle of the street, giving new meaning to the roadways being crap during Rush Hour.

If this happened in real life, it would trend like gangbusters on YouTube within a matter of minutes. Since it was in a movie, you simply have the challenge of watching this without laughing and cringing. It isn't possible.


People who have never seen Psycho have either seen this scene somewhere else, or have seen a parody of it. Hitchcock made movie history with this scene, and it had a lot to do with how he shot it. The shots of the shower head spreading water without hitting the camera was a technical marvel for the day, and the blood was actually Hershey's chocolate syrup ... yummy!

One of the best aspects of the scene was how it completely tripped up the audience. The opening act made you believe that the movie is going to be about this woman who stole $40,000, but within a very short time, she's brutally murdered in the a shower by a psychopath who's — incredibly old spoiler alert — dressed as his mother. Hitchcock loved to play with his audience, and he even got letters from people complaining that they couldn't use the shower anymore. The actress in the scene, Janet Leigh, was one of them, as she stopped taking showers after shooting the scene, only taking baths the rest of her life. It's hard to blame her for that.

The Naked Gun

Bathroom time is private time, isn't it? Most people prefer to shut the door, keep to themselves, and take care of business with as much dignity as possible. It's gross, but we all have to do it. Just, don't broadcast your urinary exploits and flatulence to the entire planet, as Frank Drebin did in this scene. at a news conference held by the Mayor of Los Angeles about the Queen of Bloody England!

The lesson here is that, if you ever put a live mike onto your lapel, make sure to deactivate the thing before you evacuate your dirty bits ... unless you're into the whole public display thing, of course. Also, lay off the bathroom singing. You're not nearly as good as you think you are.

Lethal Weapon 2

The scene in Lethal Weapon 2 had us all asking whether or not we could dive to our tubs and survive a bomb exploding under our asses in real life. Wonder all you like, but please don't test whether or not you can do it. For Detective Murtagh, he was in the perfect place and ideal position when he learned he was sitting on a bomb. Worst case scenario, he might s*** himself out of fear, but nobody would ever know. Either way, the last place anyone wants to get blown up is in the bathroom with our pants around our ankles and that magazine we read "Just for the articles" sitting accusingly next to us. It's tough to die with dignity when you are in that all-too-familiar position.


Some folks won't set foot into a public toilet, and this scene might just be the reason why. Not only does Ewan McGregor desperately need to relieve his bowels, he does so in the worst toilet in Scotland (maybe in the world). It looks like someone filled a balloon with diarrhea and popped it a good three feet above the toilet.

Enjoy that visual for a moment while you watch the video and see the man realize he may have crapped his newly-placed suppositories into the toilet. The scene goes from the absolute ends of disgusting (digging through crap-brown water and desperately trying not to spew), and right into surreal beauty (diving into the toilet, swimming through crystal-clear water, and finding his lost treasure.

You have to be pretty desperate to go after your butt drugs after spraying the bowl in a clean environment, much less this one. If they started playing this scene in high schools as an anti-drug campaign, it's likely nobody would ever do heroin again.


Quentin Tarantino had to make his trademark cameo in his buddy, Robert Rodriguez's, mega-hit Desperado, and he did it in the most epic, Tarantino way possible.

After swallowing what has to be pissed-in cerveza, he tells a joke that's abruptly ended with his comrade taking a bullet to the face. It always sucks to get interrupted just before the punchline, huh? He's then escorted to what has to be the most disgusting bathroom in all of Mexico, where he cleans the blood and brains his buddy inadvertently showered him with. It doesn't take long for Tarantino to get the same treatment and take a bullet to his brain, which makes you wonder how many people have been killed in that craphole, and just what exactly is on the walls?

"For a good time, call" is NOT found anywhere in this bathroom scene. You go here, you're gonna have a bad time.

Harold and Kumar go to White Castle

Shenanigans always seem to take place when guys run into a girl's restroom, and this scene is no different. Not only do we get to witness some nasty poop & fart humor, the girls play a game they like to call "Battles***s." It's ... exactly what it sounds like. As each girl lets one go, the sounds only get louder and more intense. The viewer can only imagine what's happening, and no matter how hot you thought those two were before this scene, there's no going back after it's done.

The guys even drop all of their weed in the toilet and ran out like bats out of a particularly stinky Hell, while one lady exclaims, "You sunk my battles***!" One wonders exactly what their scoring system must be ... but don't try to think about it too hard.

Final Destination

Final Destination is all about teenagers who cheated death, but have no way of avoiding their fates. Some of the kids are killed off in relatively normal ways, but not this guy!

He starts off shaving with a particularly dangerous-looking razor, while water creeps over to his feet. You think maybe the radio he plugs in will do him in once the water reaches him, but nope. Instead, he slips, trips into the tub, and is garroted by a clothesline. He's choked out within a minute.

This poor kid might have made it out of there alive had the shampoo not spilled all over the tub, offering no traction for him to stand up straight. Also, if he had stopped using a clothesline years ago, like normal people. Is it a ridiculously complicated way to die? Yes. Is it also hilarious? Yes.

Wait, are we bad people if we say yes? Probably. Oh well.

The Shining

Several scenes in The Shining take place in the bathroom, but this one's by far the most memorable. If you hear "Heeeeeere's Johnny," and think of the Johnny Carson Show, you've never seen The Shining. If you have, you know the scene and perhaps the story behind it. Nicholson improvised the "Johnny" line, and it stuck. This has even been voted the scariest movie scene in film history, according to a poll on

Shooting The Shining was a traumatic experience for Shelley Duvall, who had a hard time with this scene in particular. There are even rumors that her cries of "Please, Jack" were aimed at Nicholson, and not the character he was playing. At one point, she became dehydrated from crying so much, and needed to constantly keep water around. 

A Nightmare on Elm Street

If there's one place we should all feel safe, it's the bathtub. You're relaxing and enjoying the warm water all over your body when, well, a friggin' nightmare comes to life and grabs you when you are at your most vulnerable. OK, our version is realizing we're out of shampoo, but the film's nightmare works too.

Not only is it visually painful to see Freddy's gloved hand creep out of the water just a few inches from this girl's naughty bits, she ends up being dragged into some sort of otherworldly underwater hell, where she begins fighting for her life to just get out of the tub which, thankfully, she did.

They recreated this scene when they did the remake in 2010, but nothing comes close to the original. Time to switch to showers and keep your guard up. Of course, if you follow watching Nightmare with Psycho, you may wind up taking nothing but sponge-baths the rest of your life.

Ghoulies II

It's hard to be happy about the movie's biggest schmuck finally getting his, when it happens in what has to be the most horrific way possible.

It's likely you never saw this movie unless you happen to love campy horror from the '80s, but you may have seen this bathroom scene. Have you ever seen a video online of a rat or a snake popping up in a toilet and thought that was the worst thing that could ever happen? If you happen to be the guy in this scene, it's a lot worse than that. Instead of a snake or rat, it's a vicious, man-eating Ghoulie, and Mr. Schmuck sits right on him. We don't get to see directly what happens (whew!), but we all know what happened. Dude got his ass chewed off ... and whatever else he might have had hanging around down there.

Try to go to the can now without checking inside the bowl first ... we dare you.