Jonathan H. Kantor

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San Antonio, Texas
Valencia Community College, The Community College Of The Air Force, Cochise Community College, American Military University
Marvel Cinematic Universe, "Star Wars", Comic Books
  • As a complete and total nerd, Jonathan has spent years amassing a wealth of knowledge that is good for two things: winning trivia nights at bars and writing about popular culture.
  • Jonathan's love of history drove his studies and instilled in him a love of writing about anything and everything.
  • Jonathan's goal in life is to open his own comic book and game store, so he's developed a deep understanding of popular culture and built collections of unnecessary games, comics, and toys that his wife barely understands but lovingly accepts.


Jonathan began writing online in 2014, starting on Listverse with pieces on history and science that interested him. Over time, he branched out, writing for CBR, ScreenRant, The Gamer, and other popular sites online. When he returned from the U.S. Army after 20 years, he found comfort in writing. Now, he devotes most of his free time to churning out articles about the MCU, Spider-Man, Batman, video games, and anything else that interests him.


Jonathan's education is primarily in history. He first earned an A.S. in intelligence studies related to his military service. His second degree, a B.A. in history, kept him busy while deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. Finally, he received his M.A. in history. After writing hundreds of papers on historical battles, nations, and politics, he used the knowledge he gained to become a prolific freelance internet writer.
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