This Might Happen To Your Body If You Land In The Heliosphere

The "heliosphere" is the region that surrounds the sun and expands out to encompass our solar system. It is made up of a solar magnetic field, as well as protons and electrons scattered throughout the solar wind (via Britannica). Needless to say, you do not want to be caught outside your spaceship in this region.

This area is actually a magnetic bubble of sorts and continuously throws around cosmic bodies and solar winds within it. In order to reach this region, you have to pass through the "termination shock," which is a pocket that serves as an outflow of solar wind, thus meeting the astral wind on the outside, as a slow-down occurs. The winds combined pack enough force to tear matter in half, and exposed humans would suffocate and freeze to death (via Ranker).

The solar winds in the termination shock actually top out at over 1.5 million miles per hour and are located within the "heliosheath," where both the solar and astral winds meet, making the area dense and hot. In the "heliopause," the interstellar and solar winds collide in the "bow shock" (via NASA).

The fluctuating temperatures and devastating winds are why your body would not last very long.

Your body would be like a leaf in a tornado in the heliosphere

The reason for such a violent death in the heliosphere is not relegated to just the fluctuating wind and freezing temperatures, but a lack of oxygen. The vacuum of space would pull the air from your lungs after about 15 seconds, causing your lungs to collapse. Within a minute, you would die from asphyxiation, similar to being in any part of space without the proper suit. Your body would then balloon, twice its size, and all the liquid in your body would vaporize, according to Business Insider. Even though your skin is elastic and could hold your body together for a time, it would not be able to for long, as your body would come apart at the seams in the solar wind.

Not a good way to go.

For the first time in history, astronomers have seemingly confirmed the shape of the heliosphere and rendered a 3D map of it. The discovery offers a better understanding of the solar system, as well as how the planets interact with interstellar space (via Science Alert).

The discovery suggests that it is shaped like a comet, with a streaming tail, so whatever is left of your body would be jet-propelled through each level, out of the tail, and into space.