The Exotic Pet Paris Hilton Has Owned Might Surprise You

Paris Hilton doesn't hide her love for her pets. Most people probably remember seeing pictures of Hilton carrying Tinkerbell, her chihuahua, all over the world. The businesswoman used to carry the dog inside her purse and even include her in photoshoots. When Tinkerbell went missing in 2004, Hilton offered a $5,000 reward (via Hollywood Reporter). Though the pair was eventually reunited, Hilton was devastated when the dog died in 2015.

Tinkerbell might be her most famous pet, but she was not the only one. Hilton reportedly has five dogs, and she goes the extra mile to make sure their pets have a fancy lifestyle. The dogs live in a dog house valued at $325,000 (via Condo).

However, dogs aren't the only pets Hilton loves. In 2010, she rescued 20 rabbits after she heard they would be sold to feed snakes, and gave them fancy digs living in her backyard, according to Evening Standard. Per Celebrity Pet Worth, other animals Hilton has owned include a pig, cat, and even a pony.

Paris Hilton has owned a kinkajou

Paris Hilton surprised people when she began to appear in public carrying a pet Kinkajou named Baby Luv. Her exotic pet made headlines in 2006 after attacking Hilton. She even had to have a tetanus shot after Baby Luv bit her leg. After the attack, veterinarians suggested she should put her pet down, but she disagreed.

"I said, 'We have to figure out if it has rabies, how do we do that?' And they said, 'We have to cut its head open.' I was like, 'Well is it going to live?' And they said, 'No!' So I was like, 'Then we're not doing that! I don't care if it has rabies or not,'" she said during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel (via Express).

It is unclear if Baby Luv is still living on Hilton's ranch. However, having a kinkajou is not generally a good idea. According to Everyday Health, they are wild animals and can have unpredictable behaviors, such as scratching, biting, and — take it from Paris — injuring their owners.