The Disturbing Details Discovered In Paul Walker's Autopsy Report

Movie star Paul Walker died at the age of 40 in a destructive and explosive crash in November 2013 (via TMZ). The "Fast and Furious" franchise actor was killed when a sports car he was riding in crashed and went up in flames in a single vehicle accident in California. The driver and friend of Walker's, Roger Rodas, was also killed in the crash that was caught on video by a witness.

Walker's death was a devastating loss to his family, and his friends and fellow actors who worked with him in the "Fast and Furious" films. His funeral was well-attended by his co-stars, per the Los Angeles Times. A lot of suspicions loomed about what caused the fatal car crash, and the specifics on how it took his life. The fact that no other car was involved in the accident raised a lot of questions. People wondered if speed, drugs, or a mechanical error was at fault. It would take several months before a full autopsy report was released.

Paul Walker's autopsy revelation

In January 2014, the Los Angeles County coroner released the autopsies of both Walker and Rodas (via the Los Angeles Times). It showed that on November 30, 2014, speeding was the main cause of the accident. It explained that the Porsche Carrera GT Rodas was driving was going 100 miles per hour when it crashed into a curb. The autopsy also stated that the high speed led to loss of control of the vehicle, causing it to spin several times before catching on fire. Most importantly, despite a lot of early speculation, drugs and alcohol were ruled out as contributions as no trace of the substances were found in Walker or Rodas.

However, the grim details about the states of their bodies were also made public. According to the report, Walker was so burned beyond recognition that his hair and eye color could not be identified upon examination. The autopsy said he sustained a lot of head trauma, broken bones, and injuries to his arms. It even revealed that a portion of his skull was exposed and nearly his entire body was "charred" from the crash. Yet, it specifically mentioned that Paul Walker died of "traumatic and thermal injuries," which means that the fire played a huge role in his death as much as his impact from the crash.