What You Didn't Know About Katrina Weidman From Portals To Hell

"Portals to Hell" is a paranormal investigation show where duo Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman go to different alleged haunted locations to investigate reported hauntings and paranormal activity. The show premiered in 2019 and has featured notoriously haunted locations including the LaLaurie Mansion, Eastern State Penitentiary, and the Alaskan Hotel just to name a few. Fans of paranormal investigation shows may recognize Katrina Weidman from similar shows throughout the years.

Katrina Weidman's first gig as a paranormal investigator on TV was in "Paranormal State" which aired from 2007 to 2011. Weidman was also part of "Paranormal Lockdown" from 2016-2019 wherein she, along with host Nick Groff, spend 72 hours locked in a haunted location (via IMDb). With her years of experience in the paranormal field, Weidman has researched hundreds of hauntings using her skills along with scientific equipment to look for explanations on unusual happenings on the locations she visits.

Katrina Weidman started young

Katrina Weidman's interest in the paranormal started at an early age. She was always reading books about various paranormal topics including UFOs and ghosts, and it also helped that she experienced strange happenings in the houses that she lived in growing up. In an interview with Bloody Disgusting, Katrina recalled an incident when her mother lost the keys that she placed on their counter. Her mother questioned Katrina and her sister, but the two were innocent and didn't know where the keys were. After a while, the keys just mysteriously appeared where her mother left them on the counter.

It was experiences like those that pushed Katrina to take interest in the paranormal field, and as she learned more about the topic, she found out that there were other haunted houses like hers and she just wanted to know as much about them as she could. She carried her interest with her into adulthood and as she said, per her official website, she didn't choose to be a paranormal investigator; rather, it chose her.

Education and the Paranormal Research Society

As a child, Katrina Weidman didn't always do well in school. As she shared on her website, her third-grade teacher even told her that she would never be hired by anyone and wouldn't amount to anything. She graduated high school but wasn't interested in pursuing further studies. A few years after high school, Weidman went to Pennsylvania State University to bring a friend to campus and it was then that she decided she wanted to study there.

Weidman enrolled at a community college first and then transferred to Penn State. Fortunately for her, the university had their own paranormal club operating on campus, the Paranormal Research Society (PRS), and it was there that Katrina furthered her knowledge and experience in the paranormal. PRS consists of a group of Penn State students that investigate and document unusual activities. Katrina served as the club's case manager and was responsible for interviewing those who have experienced unusual incidents. Her work with PRS gave her the opportunity to appear in "Paranormal State."

She founded Atherton Paranormal

Katrina Weidman doesn't just do paranormal investigations in front of the television. In fact, she, together with Heather Taddy and Joshua Light, established Atherton Paranormal, which aids those who experience paranormal activities. Per Atherton Paranormal's official website, they offer consultations, provide assistance, and give advice to those who claim to have unusual experiences, specifically families who need their problems regarding haunted homes and other locations resolved. The investigators do their research, visit homes, and provide families the best course of action to take regarding their issues.

In an interview with The Philadelphia Inquirer, Weidman discussed her views on paranormal investigations. She is open to the idea that most paranormal activities can be explained by psychological, neurological, or natural reasons, but she believes that a small percentage have no explanations whatsoever. For her, that small percentage of mysterious happenings is enough for her to continue searching for answers regarding paranormal activities.

Katrina Weidman as an actress and musician

Although Weidman's foremost interest is in the paranormal field, she graduated from Penn State with degrees in theatre, with a focus on acting; and integrative arts with a focus on music production. Furthermore, she also minored in music technology (via Katrina Weidman). When she is not investigating the unknown, Katrina dabbles in acting. Her first movie appearance was a minor role in the 2013 film "Kilimanjaro" and she has also had small roles in "The Last Apartment" and "Who's Jenna...?" according to Biography Tribune.

In addition to acting, Katrina is also the lead singer for the rock bank Away From 30, which was formed in 2016 and includes Rick Gamoneda, AJ LeBresco, and Joe Green. The band has a different approach to rock music and took time to write and record their own songs. Away From 30 released an EP in March 2018 titled "The Forgotten" (via Away From 30).

Katrina's other interests

Although it might seem that Katrina Weidman's life revolves around ghosts and hauntings, she also has some other interests aside from the paranormal. For a decade, Katrina worked as a crisis counselor for her community. For eight of the 10 years, she was focused on working with victims of sexual assault and helping them get through their traumatic experiences (via Facebook).

When not working on paranormal cases or performing with her band, Katrina says that she enjoys karaoke. She also loves cooking and has a keen interest in vintage clothing and antique pieces. When it comes to entertainment though, there's only one thing that Katrina is obsessed with. Katrina said, per her website, that she spends her time watching "The Golden Girls" reruns to the point of "unhealthy levels." Perhaps watching the sitcom allows her to sit back and relax after a day of dealing with ghosts and ghouls.