Who Has The Most Stars On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame?

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is one of the more unusual monuments in the United States. Rather than being a single thing, like a granite monolith or an historical marker, it's a collection of individual monuments embedded in the sidewalk, as the monument's website reports. The approximately 2,700 stars near the intersection of Hollywood and Vine Streets honor individuals who have made significant contributions to the entertainment industry in any of six areas: movies, music, TV, broadcast radio, theater/live performance, and, as of this year (per Yahoo!), sports entertainment. The list of names honored there range from obscure, behind-the-scenes individuals you've probably never heard of, to the presidential (Donald Trump has one for his work in TV).

Since the monument honors individuals whose contributions can be in any of several categories, some honorees have more than one star. But only one individual's name graces a star in each of five categories.

Gene Autry holds the record for most stars on the Walk of Fame

Though today he's remembered as a quaint relic of America's more innocent and less cynical time, for a while "Singing Cowboy" Gene Autry was the biggest thing going. As The L.A. Times reported, pretty much everything he touched turned to gold, and he made piles of money in TV, film, radio, real estate, business — you name it. As such, he holds the record for the most stars on the Walk of Fame, being the only one to get an honor in each of five different categories. Further, according to the Walk of Fame website, he got his first four — Motion Pictures, Radio, TV, and Recording — all on the same day in 1960. His fifth came in 1980, when he rounded out the possible honors by getting his star for Live Performance.

After Autry, Bob Hope and Tony Martin each have four stars, and 33 people, including Jack Benny, Frank Sinatra, and Danny Kaye, have three.