Rules The Vatican's Swiss Guard Have To Follow

There are various entities around the world that require the presence of armed guards. One of the most well recognized is the Vatican's Swiss Guard. Their purpose is simple — protect the Pope at all costs. From their brightly colored uniforms to pointy and shiny metal helmets, you can't really miss them. Don't let their eye-catching style fool you, though. These guys are no joke and have to meet multiple requirements as well as follow strict rules to keep their job.

While the current pontiff is more progressive than we have seen in a while, probably the biggest requirement of the Vatican Swiss Guard is that you are a male of Swiss citizenship. Yes, even circa 2021, it is a strictly all-boys club, according to Vatican City. While there have been mentions in recent years of possibly allowing women to apply for the guard, this still seems to be a long way off. In addition to being male, an applicant must also meet other physical requirements. You must be at least 174cm tall (5 ft 8 inches) and must be between the ages of 19 and 30.

Requirements physical, mental, and spiritual in nature

As if the physical stuff wasn't enough, you also must meet educational and training standards. Per Culture Trip, you must have completed your time in the Swiss military. This conscription is required of all male Swiss citizens. If you leave there in good standing, you might have a chance at becoming part of the Pope's private security. Once chosen, you will receive more training, including self-defense and use of firearms. You also must have completed high school or possess some sort of acceptable professional certificate as well. 

Some of the last components of becoming one of the Vatican Swiss Guards are more mental and spiritual. The first one kind of goes without saying, but you must be of the Roman Catholic faith. The second might be a deal breaker for a lot of applicants, but you are expected to be single and remain celibate during your time of service. While some senior members have been allowed to marry with special permission according to Vatican City, generally this doesn't seem to happen. If you are a single, tall, young, Roman Catholic Swiss military man with at least a high school diploma, and don't mind a vow of chastity or potentially laying down your life in service of the Pope, you might want to look into the Vatican Swiss Guard.