Sarah January

San Joaquin Delta College, University Of The Pacific, New Mexico Highlands University
History, Sports, Books, Travel
  • Sarah's unique and varied educational background makes her a well-rounded writer with an affinity for research.
  • Her passion for learning about various subject matters makes her a versatile writer and researcher.
  • She possesses an ability to take content that may not be interesting to the average reader, and make it into something that everyone wants to read and learn from.


Sarah is a freelance writer from California who is building her writing career while also working as a substitute teacher. Her lengthy university level education focused on sports medicine and history, though writing has always been her passion. She has been pursuing freelance writing for the last four years and has been featured on The Archive, History Collection, and The Quiet Nonsense. She also has her own blog, The History Honey, and has been featured as a guest on the Cool Historians Podcast.


Sarah holds multiple degrees across various disciplines, including an A.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies, a B.S. in Athletic Training, a minor in History, and an M.A. in Human Performance and Sport. During five years of university level education, she had to do tons of research and write a lot of papers. Her diverse educational background makes her a well-rounded and experienced writer for the Grunge family.
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