Unwed Amish Couples Are Allowed To Share A Bed Under One Condition

For nearly three centuries, two groups of Americans have lived alongside each other, although the lives of the people in those groups have been completely different. One group — the vast majority of Americans — has plugged into modern society, taken advantage of modern conveniences, and lived and worked with others, cooperating with each other to move society forward. Another group, however, has kept to themselves, eschewed modern technology, and has tried (and sometimes failed) to avoid having any more than the bare minimum of contact with society at large. The Amish are a devout and pious Christian sect, focused largely on family, community, and the Bible, and they try to avoid interaction with outsiders as much as possible, to the point of not even voting, serving on juries, or serving in the military.

Though they're known for their religious devotion and piety, you may be surprised to learn, however, that some Amish sects allow — nay encourage — unwed couples to sleep together, according to The Travel. However, it bears noting that here the phrase "sleep together" is not a euphemism for sex; in this case, it literally means sleeping together. Just sleeping. According to Dee Yoder's blog, the practice is called "bundling," at least in some communities. However, precautions are taken to ensure that, should natural human urges begin to creep up, actually sealing the deal is going to be difficult.

Amish couples are encouraged to spend the night together before marriage

These days, it's not uncommon for unmarried couples to move in together before marriage. Though it would have been unthinkable even a century ago, society has changed, and so too have attitudes about sex and chastity and similar concepts. Many couples think it's prudent, if not even crucial, to test the waters, so to speak, and live together for a while before marriage, to see if they're compatible.

Some sects of Amish do this, too, according to The Travel, although not in the way you think. Couples considering marriage are encouraged to spend the night together, in the same bed! This is done in order for them to have some time where it's just the two of them, talking and bonding and seeing if marriage is right for them. However, there's also a wooden board placed between the two, a practical (though not insurmountable) barrier, and a stark visual reminder that there is to be no hanky panky.

Just how widespread the practice is is a matter of dispute. Dee Yoder, in her blog, claimed to have asked some former Amish about it, and some claim to have never heard of it, while others claim the practice is real but that the board is a bit of fiction. Others claimed the practice used to go on but doesn't anymore.