Jane Andrews: The Truth About The Former Royal Aide Who Murdered Her Lover

Englishwoman Jane Andrews was a royal dresser for Sarah, Duchess of York. However, she didn't gain popularity for her styling skills; rather, she gained worldwide attention for murdering her boyfriend in a brutal crime that shocked many.

Andrews was born in North Lincolnshire in 1967. As a child, she showed exemplary skills in school and was an intelligent girl. However, according to Murderpedia, she also suffered from psychological problems — including depression and an eating disorder – and was prone to have panic attacks. In her adolescent years, Andrews' issues took a toll on her and she attempted to take her own life by overdosing at the age of 15. She also underwent an abortion at 17 years old, which she said was a traumatic experience.

Despite the difficulties she experienced, Jane Andrews was determined to be successful, so she studied fashion and eventually got a steady job as a designer for children's clothing at the popular British retailer Marks & Spencer.

She worked for the Duchess of York

When she was 21 years old, Jane Andrews was looking through The Lady — England's longest-running magazine for women — when she came across an anonymous advertisement looking for a personal dresser. She answered the advertisement, but little did she know that she applied to work for royalty (via Entertainment Daily). Six months afterward, Andrews got a call for an interview, and Sarah, the Duchess of York herself, interviewed the potential stylist. Andrews was eventually hired and started work at Buckingham Palace in 1988.

Sarah Ferguson was the wife of Queen Elizabeth II's third child, Prince Andrew. It was while working for the duchess where Jane Andrews met her first husband, Christopher Dunn-Butler, who also worked for Ferguson; they wed in 1989. Per The Independent, Andrews' friends were surprised about the union as Dunn-Butler was a divorced man who was 20 years older than Jane. The marriage ended when Dunn-Butler filed for divorce from Andrews five years later, claiming that she was unfaithful.

Jane Andrews' life after her divorce

Jane Andrews had just divorced her husband when she faced another problem — this time regarding her work. In 1995, Sarah Ferguson's suitcase full of jewelry — worth $380,000 — was stolen. Andrews accompanied Ferguson during a trip and she was responsible for the suitcase. According to an AP News report, the culprit was identified as an airport baggage handler. The jewelry was recovered, but a year later, Andrews was let go from her job. It isn't known whether the incident had anything to do with it, but the reason given was the need to cut costs.

Andrews went into a downward spiral after losing her job. She was used to the lavish lifestyle she lived while working as a royal aide, and it was all gone in the blink of an eye. She soon found herself coping by talking to a psychotherapist, and she was also given anti-depressants (via Murderpedia).

Jane Andrews' relationship with Tom Cressman

In 1998, Jane Andrews met Tom Cressman, a business tycoon who came from a wealthy family. The two developed a romantic relationship, and Andrews moved in with Cressman in his South West London flat soon after. Andrews became financially dependent on Cressman, and although she secured a job as a shop assistant, it wasn't as glamorous as her previous job. According to Tom's father, Harry Cressman, Andrews felt that Tom filled the void that was left when she lost her association with the royals. "I think she looks upon Tom as someone who couldn't replace that, but would do his damndest to bring her a little near to it again," he said, according to The Sun.

It was evident that Jane Andrews wanted to make her relationship with Cressman official. In 2000, the couple went on a vacation to the French Riviera, and Andrews assumed that her boyfriend would ask for her hand in marriage. It didn't happen, though, and Cressman said that he had no plans of marrying her.

Jane Andrews murders her boyfriend

Upon their return from vacation, an argument ensued between the couple. Per a report from Entertainment Daily, Jane Andrews attacked Tom Cressman with a cricket bat and stabbed him with a knife while he was asleep. She then immediately left the scene and went on the run. Andrews was apprehended a few days later when she was discovered sleeping in her vehicle. She was charged and arrested for Cressman's murder.

During her trial, Andrews claimed that she was the victim of abuse. The prosecution, on the other hand, said that she killed her boyfriend after he refused to marry her. The jury sided with the prosecution and found Jane Andrews guilty, and she was sentenced to life in prison, according to The Mirror. Years into her sentence, she escaped prison and was recaptured a few days later, where she was taken to a more secure facility. In 2015, Andrews was released on probation. Three years later, however, she was again arrested for harassment and was released in 2019.

Where is Jane Andrews today?

Jane Andrews has been living a quiet life since her release from prison. Tom Cressman's brother Richard, however, discovered that Andrews has been selling items through an online business — some of which belonged to his murdered brother. Richard says that Tom was an avid fan of "The Adventures of Tintin" and owned valuable memorabilia. "My brother was very fond of everything Tintin. I saw pictures of the items on the site," Richard said, per The Daily Star. He said that even if they were gifts to Andrews from his brother, selling them was "in very bad taste." In Richard's opinion, his brother's murderer should not have been released by the Parole Board.

Jane Andrews has expressed regret for killing Tom Cressman, and she even thought about extending her apologies to the Cressman family. However, prison authorities prevented her from having contact with the Cressmans. Andrews is now living in her home county of Lincolnshire. She has since been seen filling up shelves in a local supermarket where she is assumed to be working (via The Telegraph).