The Mysterious Death Of Conspiracy Theorist Max Spiers

British conspiracy theorist Max Spiers died on July 16, 2016, at the home of Monika Duval in Warsaw, Poland. As reported by The Guardian, the 39-year-old man's cause of death was determined to be "pneumonia and intoxication by drugs." According to reports, Spiers was a habitual drug user, who had known addictions to crack cocaine and heroin. However, authorities determined he had toxic levels of oxycodone and Xanax in his system at the time of his death.

Duval confirmed Spiers purchased "eight to 10" boxes of a Turkish drug similar to Xanax in the days preceding his death. She also confirmed he took several of the pills in the hours before he fell asleep on her couch.

As reported by The Guardian, Duval realized Spiers stopped breathing shortly after he fell asleep. Although she called paramedics immediately, Spiers was pronounced dead at the scene.

A coroner determined Spiers died of "natural causes" and they "excluded participation of further persons." However, his family, friends, and fans believe he may have been murdered.

Huffington Post reports Spiers was known for his vocal criticism of government officials, who he believed covered up UFO sightings, cloaked the presence of aliens, sanctioned "secret military programs," and conducted experiments on children.

Although he had a lot of fans, Spiers believed he was being pursued by people who did not want his conspiracy theories being publicly shared. In the months prior to his death, Huffington Post reports Spiers was in fear for his life.

Max Spiers' family and fans believe he was murdered

The Guardian reports Monika Duval said Max Spiers expressed concern that "satanic groups" were stalking him in the weeks prior to his death. He also sent messages to his mother in the days prior to his death expressing that he was afraid someone was trying to kill him.

Vanessa Bates said her son was "incredibly strong, incredibly fit" and there was "nothing wrong with him at all" prior to his trip to Poland. As reported by Independent, Spiers sent his mother messages saying, "I think I might be murdered ... If anything happens to me, look into it, investigate" shortly before he died, leading her to believe someone may have killed him.

Bates also said her son was not a stereotypical conspiracy theorist. She said he was not "hell-bent on conspiracy and pointing out the government was going to fall."

Assistant coroner Christopher Sutton-Mattocks, who determined Spiers cause of death, said authorities should have conducted a more thorough investigation because he was a known conspiracy theorist. As reported by The Guardian, he believes the police officers were "wholly incompetent."

Spiers supporters also believe the police officers' response to his death was insufficient. Duval said the paramedics stopped performing CPR, despite her pleas for them to continue. Huffington Post reports Spiers body was left in Duval's home overnight and authorities were unwilling to investigate any further after he was declared dead and it was determined that he died of natural causes.