The Untold Truth Of WWE Legend Mick Foley's Daughter, Noelle

Her dad made a decent living by being everything we deem indecent. Noelle Foley's father Mick was the snarling, drooling face behind the nightmare mask of WWE legend Mankind. Described in his official WWE bio as "everyone's favorite mental patient," Foley's snaggletooth madman character appalled not only with his grotesque appearance, but also with his almost superhuman ability to take a spectacular beating. If you're unaware of just how nasty a match with Foley could be, check out the WWE's highlights of his most famous Hell in a Cell match with The Undertaker in 1998. That match featured a defining moment for the WWE's Attitude Era: when The Undertaker threw Mankind off the top of the Hell in a Cell cage to crash into a table some 16 feet below. Foley was initially taken out on a stretcher, but the absolute madman escaped the paramedics and ran back to the center of the arena, only to be chokeslammed through the top of the cage, falling down to the ring below. And those are the parts without the thumbtacks.

So now that we're all caught up on just how degraded her famous dad was, it might be surprising to find that former WWE Superstar aspirant and current blonde bombshell influencer Noelle Foley is actually part of the same family tree as the man behind that horrid leather mask. She may not be able to take a punch or have her face torn off with barbed wire like her dad, but Noelle hasn't backed away from the spotlight. Let's take a look at who WWE legend Mick Foley's daughter Noelle really is.

Noelle Foley wanted to follow in her father's footsteps

Although she doesn't have the same appalling appearance as her father, Noelle Foley initially wanted to join him among the pantheon of WWE Superstars. The decision became the climactic moment of the pilot episode of "Holy Foley!," a WWE Network reality show focused on this pair of disparately gifted family members. According to Fandom, Noelle's mom Colette wanted her daughter to be a model, but Noelle had other plans. She told her parents her goal of joining the WWE at a family dinner, leaving her parents stunned.

The show followed Mick and Noelle on their quirky journey to make her a WWE Superstar. Mick worried about her ability to hack it in the ring, so she suggested a training regimen for the both of them. The audience loved watching the man who was Mankind sweat through Diamond Dallas Page's DDP Yoga.

But alas, Noelle's dream of becoming a WWE Superstar was not meant to be. "Holy Foley!" only aired for one season, and Mick told Wrestling Inc. in 2018 that Noelle had decided to stop pursuing a career in the ring after getting "banged up quite a bit" in training. "Injured," he corrected himself, "not just banged up but injured." Noelle said she'd been dealing with issues related to concussions sustained while learning the ropes of the family business.

She also called filming the show "nerve-racking," but was proud of herself for having done it, saying, "It's cool looking back like, 'Wow, I actually did that.'"

WWE legend Mankind's daughter is dating a guy nicknamed 'The Clown'

Just about anyone would feel some trepidation upon learning that their girlfriend's father is someone who gave The Undertaker a run for his money back in the day. Could you imagine having the door answered by a leather-faced Mankind on your first date? Now imagine doing that while being nicknamed "The Clown."

That's right. Noelle Foley's boyfriend is indie wrestler Frank "The Clown," not to be confused with Frank Clown, the Mexican luchador who Lucha Wiki says is part of a team called The Killers Clown. And if you're thinking this bozo surely gets his fair share of internet flak because of who his girlfriend is, you're exactly right.

But to hear him tell it, it's just a haters-gonna-hate kind of situation. "Typically those that dislike me are the ones who've never met me in real life," Frank told Wrestling Inc. in 2019. "I'm not out to please the masses by any means. I think I'm in a polarizing position and a lot of it stems from jealousy for a wide variety of reasons." They're jealous because of Noelle, not his no doubt impressive collection of rainbow wigs and rubber noses. Anyway, whether you're one of his haters or not, this is one clown who is laughing all the way to the bank to withdraw money for a date with Mick Foley's wildly popular and attractive daughter. So, who's the real clown in this situation?

Noelle is now an influencer with over a million followers

Her dream of getting her butt kicked for a living didn't work out. But Noelle Foley isn't crying about it. She is now a super-successful influencer on social media. She has over 200,000 followers on Twitter, but her real bread and butter is obviously on photo-focused Instagram, where she boasts more than 1 million adoring fans. She is also fairly active on YouTube, where she posts videos of her reactions to her favorite TV shows, her vacations, and her impressive collection of Funko Pop figurines.

Noelle also has her own website and blog, However, like most of us who start a blog, it appears as though she got really excited at first, but the enthusiasm quickly wore off. Her site only contains three posts, but it also has a section to shop for T-shirts and her line of custom designed Funko Pop figurines. She's got everyone from Freddy Krueger to Michael Myers to her father's own nemesis The Undertaker. (There's notably not a Mick Foley or Mankind Funko Pop for sale on her site.) Noelle donates a portion of the proceeds to a new charitable organization each month, and even takes suggestions for charities to benefit.

Noelle suffers from a rare and painful auditory condition

In May 2021, Noelle Foley made a discouraging announcement on her social media accounts. Wrestling Inc. reported that she suffers from a very rare auditory condition known as hyperacusis, which is an abnormally low tolerance to ordinary sounds we all hear on a daily basis. According to WebMD, people who suffer from this condition perceive sounds like running faucets, kitchen appliances, car engines, and loud conversations as too loud or even painful. In addition to pain in the ears, symptoms of hyperacusis include depression, anxiety, and social problems like relationship difficulties or avoidance of social situations.

Hyperacusis is most often brought on as a result of an injury or underlying health condition. In Noelle's case, her hyperacusis was most likely caused by a concussion she sustained in 2019. She said on Twitter that her condition started off as mild, but worsened over time. "I've had several HORRIBLE setbacks in my recovery due to sounds, making it feel like my full recovery is light years away," she wrote, adding that she also suffers from tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, as well as phonophobia, or fear of sound, and misophonia, the dislike of sound. "[S]o there is A LOT going on in these little ears of mine," she wrote.

But there is a light in her darkness. Noelle is participating in a clinical trial for a hyperacusis intervention that she hopes will bring relief. "For now I just need to stay positive and be patient!," she said.

Noelle really wants you to watch 'The Walking Dead'

If you follow Noelle on Instagram or Twitter, you surely know that she is absolutely bonkers for AMC's smash hit zombie universe The Walking Dead. In October 2021, she posted a video with Frank "The Clown," who asks her to show us how much she loves The Walking Dead without telling us she loves The Walking Dead. "You know, I think that's gonna be pretty easy for me," she says as she takes a sip of coffee from a mug bearing the mug of the bat-wielding character Negan. Then she goes on to show us the bloody hand prints on her fridge, pose in some Walking Dead cosplay, and even do a creepy zombie crawl toward the camera.

But Noelle's links to the popular show go beyond being an all-out fangirl. According to Fansided, her dad's weapon of choice in the ring went on to inspire the barbed wire-wrapped bat that Negan uses to knock zombies' blocks off in the show. Foley fittingly called his bat "Barbie," while Negan's is named "Lucille." Actor Jeffery Dean Morgan, who plays Negan, sent Mick Foley a birthday shoutout in June 2021, thanking him for the inspiration, and Foley responded by thanking him for "taking barbed wire mainstream!"

So it looks like loving The Walking Dead is as much a family affair as taking a beating in the ring. "If you haven't started watching season 11 of [The Walking Dead] yet," posted Noelle in September, "what the heck are you waiting for?"