This Theory Suggests The Egyptian Pyramids Are Actual Power Sources

Pyramids are perhaps the most iconic of all Egyptian landmarks. The looming, triangular structures have been the subject of admiration, controversy, and debate, and much of this discussion circles around their grand construction. Built more than 4,500 years ago, these mesmerizing structures have stood the test of time, leaving many to wonder just how Egyptian leaders constructed them, armed with what we presume were primitive tools and building materials (via Harvard Magazine).

Construction theories aside, a bigger question than how is at the forefront of many modern conspiracy theory enthusiasts — the question of why. For even if you possessed the material, equipment, and the means to pull off an architectural marvel as impressive as, say, the Pyramids of Giza, you'd still need a pretty compelling mission to drive such a rigorous task. Rising from the desert sands with all the wonders of the world comes a new theory about the pyramids' true purpose (via Nile FM).

One of the most shocking theories is that the pyramids were power plants

Per Egypt Independent, Dr. Wassim al-Sisi declared that "pyramids were power plants" but then proceeded to counter that perspective. Chatrooms and forums are abuzz with similar sentiments of confusion, naysaying, and affirmations. The working theory, as presented by Scholar Works at Bridgeport, puts forth a much more sensible reason for the construction of Egypt's infamous pyramids. The hypothesis suggests they were originally power sources, rivaling modern-day power plants in many ways. The theory is largely rooted in the fact that several of the structural components promote the generation, conduction, and/or insulation of electrical power. Examples of such materials include the quartz crystals that line each chamber's interior. Notably, they are known for their ability to conduct electricity, and the white tufa limestone that can be seen on the exterior would have served to insulate and restrict electricity from escaping the confines of the pyramids.

If this theory were true, it would mean that the Queen Chamber served as host and interior chambers and passageways served as conductors. The Northern Shaft would have been a type of conduit, casting microwave signals all across the earth. Proponents of the theory point out the fact that the massive granite beams looming overhead do not serve the purpose of holding up the buildings and therefore must have been constructed with a different thought in mind. According to The Daily Star, KGB disclosed the following quote after an investigation into the Pyramids of Giza: "A magnetic repulsive force seemed to be emanating from the rock. We were unable to find any scientific explanation."

While this theory would change everything we thought we knew about ancient Egypt, most experts concur that the electromagnetic fields do not exhibit attributes necessary to serve as large-scale electrical sources.