The Bizarre Steve Jobs Conspiracy Theory That Would Prove He's Still Alive

If you're an Apple enthusiast, you might be carrying an artifact of a famous inventor around in your pocket right now. Perhaps you're even using it to read this article. As you might have guessed, this product is the iPhone. Its late inventor, Steve Jobs, was named the most influential person of the last 25 Years by CNBC. He was also bestowed with the title of one of Time Magazine's 20 "Most Influential Americans of All Time." The ladder list considers leaders all throughout history and includes major historically recognized figures like Sitting Bull and Albert Einstein.

Such esteem is often set aside for entertainers, politicians, and athletes. Yet, inventor Steve Jobs left such a mark on society with his creations that his legacy borders on superstardom. It is said that technology produced by this industrious thinker has changed the world, making information more accessible and global communication a breeze (via Forbes).

Tragically, this innovative thinker's life ended in October of 2011 when he succumbed to issues related to pancreatic cancer. At least, this is the understanding held by the vast majority of the world. There are, however, a select few individuals who believe Steve Jobs is alive and well even to this very day (via Esquire).

One relatively new conspiracy theory suggests that Steve Jobs is living a new life in Egypt

Egypt is home to a great many conspiracy theories, and most of these revolve around the pyramids (via the Canadian Museum of History). However, the latest conspiracy news suggests that the vast Egyptian landscape is hiding something even more mysterious in plain sight — an alive and well iPhone connoisseur, Steve Jobs (via Esquire).

This theory hinges on just one lone photograph taken in Egypt — presumably after Jobs' demise — that depicts a person who bears an uncanny resemblance to the businessman. Of course, skeptics were quick to point out that the image reveals a man who is not wearing an Apple Watch as he sits in seemingly quiet introspection. Admittedly, the hand tugging chin motion is eerily reminiscent of the late legend. But as anyone who owns an iPhone can attest, photo imagery in modern times is way too easily manipulated to stand alone as proof of anything — particularly something this groundbreaking.