Disturbing Details Found In Elvis Presley's Autopsy Report

Elvis Presley's death in 1977 at the age of just 42 shocked his fans in America and the across world. While there were a number of distasteful qualities to Presley's personality known both at the time and which emerged years later, he was nevertheless still a major American artist and left millions of people in mourning. In the final years of his life Elvis struggled with many significant health problems, the most severe of which were facilitated by his wealth and an enabling doctor who gave Presley whatever medication or drug The King wanted.

While this alone was more than enough to kill someone, the many drugs detected in his system were not cited as the immediate cause of Presley's death. Instead, according to the medical examiner's report, Presley's death was the result of his extremely poor cardiovascular health (via Preslaw). In hindsight, this is actually not too surprising, as Presley's incredibly unhealthy diet of 12,000 calories a day — 11 times the recommended daily intake of an average person — not only left him overweight but with extremely high blood pressure (via The Star).


While Elvis officially died of a heart attack, there were numerous contributing factors

It is relatively well documented in pop culture that Elvis died while on the toilet, but the specifics of how he died are not as well known. Elvis could have been killed by his habits at any time (and almost was, as he suffered through four prior overdoses). According to PBS, the catalyst for his heart failure was likely a bowel blockage. Presley had been treated for severe constipation several months prior, which the autopsy verified upon observing his enlarged and impacted colon (via NBC). One side effect of opiate abuse is severe (Dr. Howard Markel termed it "savage") constipation (per PBS), and Elvis had been abusing opiates for years.

The opiate abuse piled on top of Presley's extremely unhealthy eating habits is a recipe for disaster. The combination would undoubtedly send anyone's insides into turmoil and after a lengthy battle, it seems Presley's body couldn't handle the mistreatment any longer. The moments before Presley's death were likely spent attempting to induce a successful bowel movement as he read a book. At some point his aorta, already overworked from his inhumanly unhealthy diet and certainly not helped by his drug use, was unable to cope with this final strain and left him to suffer a fatal heart attack (via Mirror). His fiance, Ginger Alden, and manager, Joseph Esposito, attempted CPR, but the magnitude of Presley's lifestyle could not be overcome and he was pronounced dead that night.

Presley suffered from a heart condition

As if his battle with addiction to prescription medication and a frightfully unhealthy diet weren't bad enough, according to PBS, there are a few more findings from professionals who did not treat Elvis during his life, or "armchair diagnosticians." These discoveries aren't saying that the autopsy was incorrect, but merely saying that there were even more problems plaguing Elvis in his latter days.

It appeared as if Elvis was suffering from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which, according to Mayo Clinic, means the muscles of the heart become abnormally thick. This dangerous condition can lead to heart failure or even death. The symptoms of this would have been high blood pressure, fainting, and fatigue. These symptoms are hard to detect unless you're intentionally checking your blood pressure regularly. They could also have been interpreted as side effects of either his drug habits or his hectic and busy daily life. Hard to imagine that someone as busy as The King of Rock n' Roll wouldn't get fatigued now and again.

Elvis Presley was putting far too much stress on his body

Heart conditions are definitely something to be taken seriously, and it's evident that Elvis would have worsened any cardiac issues he had through his lifestyle. Nevertheless, this would only add to the list of reasons why Presley's body couldn't handle any more stress. Toward the end of his life, Elvis was also struggling with his unhealthy eating habits that led to his obesity. This would have caused even more stress on his body, making his heart work harder, and the rest of his organs struggled to function correctly. In addition, according to PBS, Elvis was also showing signs of type II diabetes.

So while the strain he was putting on his body most likely caused it to give up altogether in his last moments, clearly, a lot was going wrong inside Presley's body. His self-destruction and possible prior or consequential health conditions were a recipe for disaster, and Elvis was a ticking time bomb that, without changing his ways, was pushing his body to extreme lengths until it just couldn't handle the abuse any longer.

While fans will surely continue looking for more details surrounding the death of Elvis, the truth is, he wasn't well, and while he was considered to be the King of Rock n' Roll, kings are human, and so was Elvis Presley.