What Really Happened To Veronica After She Wiped Jesus' Face?

Many legends surround the holy saints of the Catholic Church, but the story of St. Veronica is arguably one of the most incredible. While we don't know her actual date of birth, it is believed that she lived sometime during the first century, according to Britannica. It was during this time that she reportedly experienced multiple miracles performed by Jesus Christ, who was in the midst of his ministry at the same time. In fact, Veronica was a virtually unknown person until one interaction with that man changed everything.

In Matthew 9:20, we read of a woman that had been "subject to bleeding for 12 years" and was desperate to see a man named Jesus, who reportedly was able to heal people. While he was surrounded by his companions on his way to heal someone else, this woman reached out and touched the edge of his cloak. Veronica believed that even if she could just touch the hem of his garment, she would be free of her illness. After she did so, he turned to her and said, "Your faith has healed you," and she was instantly healed of her ailment. After this miraculous healing, Veronica continued to follow him to until the cross, where he was eventually crucified.

Her act of kindness resulted in sainthood

During his lifetime, Jesus was a rebel, to say the least. There were those in both the religious and political arenas who had a serious problem with him and his teachings. As such, they plotted to eliminate him, which is how he ended up being sentenced to death by crucifixion, according to the BBC. Legend says that as he carried his cross to the place where he was to die, Veronica was there to wipe his face with her handkerchief. After she did so, Jesus' face was reportedly imprinted on the cloth, per Catholic Online. This veil then became one of the holy relics of the church known as the Veil of Veronica.

Though the tale of Veronica did not become a part of Catholic legend until centuries after it is supposed to have happened, Veronica's kindness and compassion for Jesus resonated with people. In combination with the relics alleged healing powers, these traits lead to Veronica's canonization by the Catholic Church in 1885. As a revered relic of the Catholic faith, the veil reportedly now rests in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.