Here Is Why Steve Jobs' Kids Will Likely Never Inherit Most Of His Fortune

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs will go down in history as one of the most controversial, most irascible, and most misunderstood businessmen in recent American history. Jobs helped move the Apple Company from an obscure developer in this new and emerging industry called personal computing at a time when the idea of everyone having their own computer was downright ludicrous to an essential component of everyday life. Today, Jobs' company almost certainly manufactured at least one of the devices in your home, perhaps even the device on which you're reading this article.

As a man, however, Jobs left a lot to be desired. As Business Insider notes, a series of incidents throughout his life paints a picture of him being, well, kind of a big jerk. Further, whether it was intended as a jerk move or simply the right thing to do, Jobs appears to have left one of his children quite a bit of money, and left comparatively little (possibly even nothing) to his others.

Did Steve Jobs favor one child over his other children in his will?

Steve Jobs had four children, according to The Sun. His first daughter, Lisa, was born of his relationship with Chrisann Brennan, while his other three children — Reed, Erin, and Eve — were born of his marriage to Laurene Powell. For much of Lisa's life, Jobs had a love-hate relationship with his status as Lisa's father, having at one time steadfastly denied being her dad (and paying her mother a paltry sum in child support), while at other times owning up to his paternity. When he died in 2011, according to International Business Times, he was worth an estimated $10.2 billion. Lisa got at least some of that money, according to Celeb Answers, although how much of it is unclear. As for her half-siblings, Lisa also claimed that they, too, got some of their father's inheritance — "in the millions," reportedly — although it goes without saying that millions are literally a fraction of billions.

As for those billions, they were mostly left to Jobs' widow, Laurene. She has stated that the Jobs money train ends with her, and that she won't be leaving her fortune to her children, saying she doesn't believe in generational wealth building. However, it's unlikely that any will be destitute, considering their multi-million-dollar nest eggs and the fact that all three went into solid, if not lucrative, careers.