Some Of The Most Famous Serial Killers Who Were Geminis

According to Co-Star, Geminis are charismatic and intellectual creatures. With versatility as their strong suit, they can be the life of a party or a reserved loner. However, they are also known to be impulsive and uncontrollable (via Preparing For Peace). It's no wonder that Thought Catalog states that 12 of the most prolific serial killers have been Geminis. Some of the most well-known of these include Jeffrey Dahmer, Kenneth Bianchi, and David Berkowitz (per Killer.Cloud). Each of these names is forever associated with grisly and abominable crimes. Per Biography, Dahmer murdered 17 males between 1978 and 1991. Known as the "Milwaukee Cannibal," he would dismember his victims, dissolve them in acid, and at times, eat them (via All That's Interesting).

History reports that Bianchi murdered 10 women in Los Angeles and another two in Washington State. With the help of his cousin, he would pick up women in his van before torturing and strangling them. He would then dispose of the bodies by posing them in the city's hilly areas. Thus, Bianchi is referred to as the "Hillside Strangler." As for the Son of Sam (aka Berkowitz), he terrorized New York City in the late 1970s by murdering six people at random (via a different article from Biography). He later blamed a demonic dog for his actions. Though their astrology sign is not to blame for their actions, it could perhaps help explain them.

Why Geminis are more likely to be serial killers

Bustle reports that a Gemini's communication skills can help talk their way into a victim's life. In addition, their duality helps them live a double life and aid in hiding their crimes from others. As Ranker states, some family members of serial killers don't even know that they're committing crimes. With their quick wit, Geminis can come up with excuses easily and perhaps lure victims in this way. As they are easily bored, this could lead them to keep murdering (via Thought Catalog). Moreover, Geminis love being the center of attention and most have superiority complexes. Simply put, this could make them believe they'll never get caught, and the infamy could boost their ego. As Geminis are known to be incredibly adaptable, they could seamlessly change their plans in order to commit a crime.

That being said, it takes more than being born under a certain star sign to become a serial killer. According to Psychiatry Advisor, both biological and social factors contribute to the creation of a murderer. In other words, it's both nature and nurture. Despite this, it's still up for debate if genetic investigations can predetermine if someone will be a killer or not. Per Oxygen, though the public is fascinated by serial killers, they only make 1% of homicides each year.