The Unexplained Mystery Behind Overtoun Bridge

Overtoun Bridge is a structure built near the town of Dumbarton, Scotland. The narrow bridge leads to the Overtoun House, a Victorian-style home that was built in 1862. Since the 1960s, people in the area have noticed dogs' strange behavior while on the bridge. Hundreds of dogs have jumped to their deaths from Overtoun Bridge, and to this day, there is no explanation as to why they do it, per ATI. To the locals, the bride has become known as the "Dog Suicide Bridge."

Overtoun Bridge was completed in 1895. It's a popular place for people and dog owners to visit, as the bridge is surrounded by lush trees that make for a relaxing atmosphere. However, plenty of dog owners reported that once they got to the bridge, their pets started to behave strangely before running toward the edge of the bridge and jumping off to the 50-foot ravine. According to a New York Times report from 2019, researchers say that about 300 dogs have jumped from the bridge, while locals say the number is close to 600. And of all those dogs, 50 died as a result.

Is there a paranormal force at Overtoun Bridge?

Those who believe in the paranormal say that the bridge is haunted. One dog owner, Lottie Mackinnon, recounted her experience at the bridge. She was walking her dog, Cassie, when she saw something that spooked her. According to Mackinnon, Cassie was "possessed by a strange energy" before she jumped off the bridge, as reported by Unilad. Thankfully, the dog survived. Locals also say that they are superstitious and believe in spirits and the paranormal.

In 2005, however, animal habitat expert David Sexton and canine psychologist David Sands went to Overtoun Bridge and studied its surrounding areas to look for an explanation behind the dogs' behavior. While there, they took note of the smells, sounds, and sights that may be causing dogs to jump. They concluded that the reason was most likely the scent of mink that lures dogs from the bridge, according to Slate. It's not a definitive answer, but it is a possibility.