The Real Reason The Maccabees Broke Up

The Maccabees were an indie rock band that hailed from the South of London. The band — which consisted of Orlando Weeks, Felix White, Hugo White, Robert Dylan Thomas, and Rupert Jarvis — was formed in 2004. They released their first single in 2005 and gained a following after performing as an opening act for the Arctic Monkeys (via All Music). The Maccabees released their first studio album titled "Colour It In" in 2007 and made three more albums the years following.

In 2016, after more than a decade of making music together, The Maccabees announced their split. In a statement that was posted on the band's Facebook, the group said, "The decision has obviously been an incredibly difficult one, given that The Maccabees has been such a huge part of our lives until now." The message also clarified any rumors that may arise due to their breakup, and they said that it wasn't because of disagreements or divisions within the group. In addition, the note revealed that the band's members still plan on making music, though not as a group.

Statements of band members about The Maccabees' split

After the announcement of their breakup, The Maccabees went on a final tour that served as their farewell to their devoted fans. Guitarist Felix White spoke about the decision to part ways in 2017. He said that they were splitting up at the right time, as they were "bowing out on a high." "We don't want to outstay our welcome — we want to end with our friendships intact. It was a difficult decision, but the right one," White stated (via the Evening Standard).

In 2020, the band's vocalist, Orlando Weeks, had an interview with The Independent wherein he revealed the reasons for The Maccabees' breakup. He said that creating their fourth and final studio album — 2015's "Marks to Prove It" — was a difficult process in comparison to the creation of their prior albums. Weeks said that everyone in the band felt that they were losing steam, and the breakup "was a difficult time, but it was what we needed to do."