Your Favorite Holiday Traditions Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Holiday traditions are actually nothing new, and it turns out that our ancient ancestors have been performing holiday rituals for millennia.

Sheila Coulson, an archaeologist with the University of Oslo, told Forbes that she's found evidence of what might just be the oldest holiday tradition in the world — and it goes back a shocking 70,000 years. That's when ancient peoples in southern Africa started bringing spearheads to a remote cave as an offering to — they believe — the giant snake that their mythology says created what's now the Tsodilo Hills. The excavation uncovered around 13,000 artifacts, and Coulson says that the ancients burned red arrowheads in what might be the oldest holiday tradition of pre-history.

That means we've been living our lives around holidays for a long time: much longer than we've been consulting with the zodiac. Heck, compared to holidays, the zodiac is practically so new, it's still got part of the wrapping paper stuck on it. That dates back to ancient Babylon, Greece, and Rome, says Wiley, so let's do something fun — let's combine these two cosmic guides and talk about which holiday tradition is the favorite of each sign.


First in the zodiac comes Aries, and that means it's kind of appropriate that those born under the sign — and between March 21 and April 19 — are natural leaders, motivated by a look-before-you-leap sort of determination. Allure says that this fire sign is all about building a community around them, and that community? Well, they may or may not have a say in the matter, as an Aries tends to be completely relentless once they set their minds to something.

While "relentless" can come with some not-so-nice connotations, that's only partially the case with an Aries. They tend to be a cheerful sort, but there's definitely a sense of being out for the self first, with everyone else kind of lagging behind.

And that makes Aries brilliant at one of those love-or-hate Christmas traditions: the Secret Santa. Aries loves organizing people into party games, and this one's perfect for someone born under a sign that means they're not fussed about the details. Sure, they get things done, but putting the responsibility of the actual gift-giving on others satisfies their sense of self. Bottom line? Let others figure out what they're going to buy, while an Aries does some matchmaking, sits at the center, and basks in the glory of a job well done.


Taurus is an earth sign, and as such, those born under the sign have the tendency to garner a reputation for being folks with their feet planted firmly on the ground. They're practical, says Well + Good, and they've also got the kind of determination that means that once they put their minds to a task, they're not going to give up until it's seen through to the end — no matter what challenges they meet along the way.

Those born between April 19 and May 20 were also lucky enough to be born practically overflowing with creative inspiration, and when creativity, perseverance, and practicality collide that means they're all wrapped up in a person that's the perfect choice to organize holiday get-togethers.

From the Christmas work party to the summer cookout in the parking lot, ask a Taurus to do the grunt work. They'll excel at it for a few reasons: That creativity means they'll come up with party ideas that'll lead to everyone having a good time — and they love that — and they're stubborn enough to lock horns with any potential problems, and throw them right out of the way. When push comes to shove, they'll problem-solve, but that one person in the office that just has to be contrary when it comes to every bit of the party planning? A Taurus doesn't have time for that — and they'll love to say it.


Gemini is represented by the twins, and that's super appropriate. Why? The typical Gemini can be described like this: Take a single person from any other sign, hit the "duplicate" button on the biological copier, and there's Gemini. Allure says people born between May 21 and June 20 typically have the energy, ambition, and ambidextrous juggling ability of two others born under any other sign, and they're also pretty happy about it — as long as they can direct that energy into something creative, innovative, fun, and out-of-the-box.

They're also pretty relentless social butterflies, so when it comes to holiday traditions they really love, it's organizing, hosting, and starring in everything to do with St. Patrick's Day, from the parades and the parties to the corned beef and cabbage dinners.

St. Patrick's Day checks all the boxes for a busy Gemini, especially when it comes to the chance to be in the local St. Patrick's Day parade. The social butterfly of a Gemini loves the meet-and-greet chatter of a parade, while the prospect of heading home, putting on some corned beef, and then kicking off an only slightly smaller St. Patrick's Day party is so enticing, it's what keeps them going during the long, late-winter, early spring months.


There's something special about those born between June 21 and July 22: Simply put, they make the world a better place. According to Women's Health, there are some important traits that many people born under the star sign of Cancer share, and it makes them the people that friends, family, and even acquaintances go to when they need someone to lean on.

Cancer is represented by the crab, and in broad strokes, these are the people who have outstanding emotional awareness, sensitivity, and resilience. They bring people together, and they're the ones with a deep-seated, innate urge to nurture. That means they're also the ones that love one of Christmas's most selfless — and time-consuming — traditions: Baking Christmas cookies.

It's not just those born under the sign of Cancer who know just how meaningful a plate of cheerily decorated Christmas cookies can be — everyone knows it, but it's the nurturing nature of Cancer that makes them the ones who love baking, decorating, and finally, plating up trays of goodies to share. Longtime friend or a "Wait, what's your name again?" acquaintance, Cancer has a tray of cookies just for you. They'll drop off some to neighbors, friends, and co-workers, but they're also the ones taking something to the post office, the vet, or to the hard-working employees of the local corner store, just to say, "Thanks!"


The lion is widely lauded to be the king of the jungle (in spite of the fact that most don't actually live in the jungle, which says something important about how rumors get started). That's certainly a fitting sign for those born between July 23 and August 22 — as Leos, these people are definitely the leaders, movers, and shakers not just of their friend group, but of the zodiac.

According to InStyle, a Leo is happiest when they're out on the road, whether that's heading out on a spur-of-the-moment road trip, hitting the local pool, or loading up the car for an afternoon at the beach. They're full of fun-in-the-sun energy, so it makes sense that they would love a holiday tradition that's just as full of energy as they are.

And that's 4th of July fireworks. There's nothing a typical Leo would love more than spending an afternoon in the sun — whether that's at a beach or in a kiddie pool in the backyard — then drying off long enough for a backyard cookout. Preferably, all this would be at the center of a big ol' group of friends — Leos are typically the leaders of their social circles, and they're at their best when everyone's having fun. Then, as the sun sets, fireworks! These showy cats love to say, "Go big or go home!" and what's bigger than fireworks?


That one friend that always notices a haircut, new glasses, or typos? Chances are pretty good they were born a Virgo, between August 23 and September 22. Virgos, says Well + Good, tend to be incredibly detail-oriented, and they're the ones that notice things that just sail right past the rest. They're a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, but when it comes to where they really shine, it's all in the details of whatever it is they choose to do.

For many, their innate need to balance physical and mental wellness pushed them into a caregiver occupation, but whatever career path it is that they choose, there's one holiday tradition that they both love and excel at, and that's choosing the annual Halloween costumes.

That's particularly the case when they have a couples' costume, or a group costume that they're put in charge of. The result is guaranteed to be spectacular, right down to that very last detail. In addition to picking up on the minute aspects of their tasks, they're incredibly thorough and unlikely to get discouraged halfway through a daunting undertaking. They're so thorough, in fact, that sometimes they can be perceived as being pushy, but when you're getting 10 people from work together and you really, really want to nail that Fellowship of the Ring group costume and take home the grand prize, ask a Virgo to organize. They'll love the chance to dive in deep, and you'll know that any Elvish writing is 100% correct.


Libras are, of course, represented by the scales, so it goes without saying that they're all about balance. Libras — who are born between September 23 and October 22 — are highly in tune to not just what's going on around them, but they're also very aware of how their actions impact their surroundings. Their ideal is a state of balance and equilibrium, but they're also about elevating that state into something higher.

Allure says that a typical Libra loves physical beauty in any and all forms, and they appreciate the finer things in life. They're the ones that have a state-of-the-art (or immaculate vintage) system for listening to their classical music, and when it comes to the holidays, they truly thrive when it comes to turning the home into a holiday paradise, no matter what the season.

The best, though? That would be decorating the Christmas tree. A Libra is the one coming up with the most elegant of Christmas trees, the sort of centerpiece that looks like it was plucked out of the pages of a catalog. Their sense of harmony means that every ornament will be in its place, the lights and the garland will be perfectly positioned, the colors will mesh, and in short? They not only love the chance to create an elegant, symmetrical, and harmonious tree, but they'll also relish the praise they get for doing it.


There's no denying the fact that Scorpios aren't for everyone. Those born between October 23 and November 21 are incredibly intense individuals who don't go halfway into anything, and that can either be a good thing, or a very, very annoying thing. According to Women's Health, one of the most powerful aspects of a Scorpion's personality is their ability to reinvent and reinvigorate themselves. In addition to the scorpion, they're also associated with the Phoenix, rising from the ashes of a former incarnation to fly again.

Scorpio friends are the ones that understand things like trauma, and the scars life's cruelest events leave behind. They're also the ones that — once you gain their trust — can help anyone see the light on the other side, so it's no surprise that their favorite holiday tradition is choosing their New Year's resolutions.

They're sort of like snakes, always looking to shed their skin for a new one — and New Year's resolutions are a brilliant way to set a definite goal. Scorpios are so stubborn that they're also pretty decent at sticking to those resolutions, and they're also great at helping friends decide what they're going to do, too. Deeply emotional and fiercely loyal, they'll help friends figure out what they need to do in order to get to a place where they're living their best lives, and here's the key — they'll call out anyone who's backing down on their promises, and they won't think twice about doing so.


The days leading up to the winter solstice are among the darkest of the year, and it's easy to see why our ancient ancestors hoped and prayed that things would start going the other way. Those born during this time — between November 22 and December 21 — are under the star sign Sagittarius, and according to the New York Post, these are the people who aren't wasting any time ... just in case.

Sagittarians are known for loving travel, especially when they can learn something new and satisfy their insatiable curiosity along the way. They're also brilliant storytellers, quick with a joke or an anecdote, and are able to capture a scene through the power of their words. They hate it when a gathering is filled with dead air, and that's why their tradition is an old one that the Smithsonian says really needs to come back in full force.

That's the Victorian-era tradition of the Christmas ghost story, when families would crowd around a roaring fire to tell tales of ghosts and the supernatural. Sure, it's supposed to be a festive season, but it's also a time we think about those who are no longer with us, the long nights, and a bit of our own mortality. (One of the most famous Christmas stories, Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol," was a part of this tradition.) The Sagittarian is one that's more than happy to bring back this once-beloved traditional — and they're phenomenally good at it.


There are some holiday traditions that are just too overwhelming for many people, who either get bogged down in the details or just too frustrated to see things through to the end. That's not going to happen with a Capricorn, as these people — born between December 22 and January 19 — tend to be incredibly focused, organized, and willing to do whatever it takes to see their end goal come to fruition.

That means they thrive around the chaos of a big Thanksgiving dinner. They're happy to make their own rules as they go — and if that means changing up what's on the table, then so be it! The more hustle and bustle, the more tasks they're juggling, and the more they have to keep track of, the happier they are — so getting everything to come together on the table with a shocking amount of harmony is totally their thing.

Capricorns are also born leaders, so they're going to be the ones making sure everyone shows up to dinner, too. No need to bring anything, they've got it covered! Well + Good says that it's in their nature to do something when they see it needs doing, and that means they're probably going to be in the kitchen doing the dishes while everyone else snoozes on the couch, too — and at the end of the day, they'll take modest pride in knowing they made Thanksgiving something to remember.


Some people are born to enjoy the world, and some are born to change it. It's the latter that's true of those born under the sign of Aquarius, says Allure, and those with a birthday that falls between January 20 and February 18, well, their middle name could be "Non-conformist rebel."

A typical Aquarius is gifted with a streak of free-spirited optimism, as well as being the sort of person who just marches to the beat of their own drum. They do care who notices, but in a particular sort of way: These are the people who are leading movements in the hopes of kicking off some serious social change, and making the world a better place for everyone they share it with.

And that means their favorite holiday traditions are ones with a cause — like heading up their area's annual Earth Day cleanup. The prospect of giving a local beach, trail, body of water, or park a complete spic-n'-span overhaul is their jam, and even better is the prospect of making new friends that are willing to make these positive changes more than a once-a-year thing. Reforming the way people think about the world around them is what an Aquarius is about, so when the chance to do some far-reaching good gets folded into a holiday, they're all over that.


At the end of the zodiac, there's Pisces — and they're a different sort of fish. This sign — which covers people born between February 20 and March 20 — is symbolized by a dual fish, and according to Cosmopolitan, that's an appropriate representation of these deeply empathetic, complex, and compassionate people.

Many Pisces people are so in-tune to the struggles of those around them that it's almost like talking to a naturally-occurring therapist who just wants to help. They're also old souls, who tend to place great values in the old way of doing things — particularly when it comes to romance.

Those two aspects of a Pisces personality combine into their favorite holiday tradition: giving Valentines. That might be sending a card to a long-time friend they haven't seen in a while, just to let them know they're thinking of them, or it might be going all-out for the other person in their relationship. They love the feeling of being loved, and when they can give that to someone else, it's a huge deal. These artistic, empathetic, and traditional old souls are masters at self-expression, meaning that they'll find the perfect gift for any Valentine, whether they want to say "I love you!," "Thank you for being you," or "You are not alone."