DB Kelly

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New York
West Virginia University
World War II, Medieval History & Literature, Serial Killers
  • During her career as a journalist, DB has had a slew of incredible experiences, including bottle-feeding a baby addax, getting a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of an episode of "Ghost Hunters," and researching the unidentified and unclaimed remains of war veterans to ultimately ensure their proper and respectful burials.
  • After being fortunate enough to interview World War II veterans about their experiences during the war, she turned her attention to historical research and began uncovering the strange, bizarre, and often overlooked stories of ordinary — yet extraordinary — individuals.
  • She has also aided in the preservation of Native American history firsthand by participating in a series of archaeological digs throughout the Appalachian Mountains.


After years of making her teachers think she was taking thorough notes when she was really just writing fiction, DB decided to turn her love of writing into something for the greater good. Her professional writing career started out in the newspaper industry, where she became an award-winning journalist known for her focus on community activism, volunteerism, and advocating for social change. She is grateful to have been recognized with awards for her press and nature photography, her work documenting summertime Shakespearean theater performances, and her capture of the majesty of Niagara Falls.


DB has a degree in English from West Virginia University with a focus in medieval literature and journalism.
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