Betty White Says This Is Her Favorite Episode Of The Golden Girls

During its run from 1985-1992, "The Golden Girls" made people's sides hurt from laughing so hard at its brilliant comedy. The cast was able to perfectly deliver amazing zingers and also included physical comedy as well. It didn't shy from tackling complex topics, such as ageism, divorce, misogyny, LGBTQ acceptance, illness, pregnancy, and yes, death. Viewers were able to see themselves in a lot of these scenarios. 

Naturally, fans have a particular episode or two that they favor over others. It may be a particular line or a scene that really resonates with them. They can watch them over and over and find something new in each viewing. It's also entirely possible that they could recite the lines verbatim. This may or may not make them popular at parties. 

Betty White, who played sweet but ditzy Rose Nylund throughout the show's run, has a favorite episode of "The Golden Girls," and it is probably not the one that you are thinking of. 

The Golden Girls episode was not short but it was sweet

The episode that Betty White held near and dear to her heart (via Outsider) was titled "A Little Romance," and it ran during the first season. White's character, Rose Nylund, who is a widow, starts dating a doctor ... who also is a little person, per IMDb. This was mid-1980s and the sensitivity toward a lot of marginalized people and minorities was not what it should have been. So, yes, the episode used a lot of short jokes, but they did it in a sweet way, according to White.

That was a thing that separated "The Golden Girls" from a lot of its contemporaries. For instance, there were several episodes that featured Blanche's gay brother, and the character was written in such a way as to avoid cruel laughs at his expense. This was also during a time when the AIDS crisis was still in full swing and homosexuals were unfairly made out to be villains. The nuanced portrayal of gay people on the show was very different and it humanized them well beyond the hurtful stereotypes that were prevalent at the time.

White had a lot of memorable scenes throughout the show's run and her character was often the moral compass. It only makes sense that her favorite episode is one where Rose's good heart was shown — though (spoiler alert) they didn't wind up dating any more at the end of the episode. You might say their romance was short-lived.