Members Of The Royal Family Who Aren't As Rich As You Thought

When it comes to discussing the British royal family and money, it's important to put things in perspective. There's no question the queen and her regal relatives are rich, with an estimated net worth of around $88 billion, per Yahoo Finance. Not all that's liquid, though, and much of it is tied up in land, castles, and even art. Tesla founder Elon Musk nets more than twice that amount, according to Business Insider. What's more, in a recent ranking of the 10 richest people on the planet, the queen — or any other member of the royal family, for that matter — didn't even rank.

To be clear, no one in the British royal family is hard up for cash, and even if they were, the Brit royals are allowed to draw on the Sovereign Grant, a taxpayer fund to support the queen in her execution of the royal duties, according Royal, the official royal website. Nevertheless, the British royals aren't actually as wealthy as many people believe. Here are some members of the royal family who aren't as rich as you thought, proving when it comes to ruling over kingdoms, the money just ain't what it used to be.

Lady Amelia Windsor

With an estimated net worth of a measly $1 million and sitting 36th in line for the throne, Lady Amelia Windsor is still one of the royal family's most glamorous members, with experience modeling and a penchant for buying designer clothing, according to Hollywood Magazine. She even appeared in London's 2016 Fashion Week. Not all her pastimes are frivolous, however, because Windsor — Prince Harry and Prince William's third cousin — also uses her fame and money to support worthy causes, including the Veterans Aid Organization and the War Child Organization, helping children growing up in conflict zones.

Being the cousin of Prince Harry and Prince William also means, naturally enough, that Amelia Windsor is Princess Diana's niece, on the Spencer side of the family. The young graduate from the University of Edinburgh was recently engaged to her beau of more than a decade, whose net worth is also about $1 million, according to NCert Point. From a financial perspective, they're a well-matched couple.

Peter Phillips

The one and only son of Anne, Princess Royal, HRH's second child and only daughter, the next royal who might not be as wealthy as you thought is Peter Phillips. With an estimated net worth of about $20 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, he is 18th in line for the throne, and otherwise, he is managing director at a sports marketing  company and a graduate from the University of Exeter.

Phillips is also the only legitimate grandchild of a reigning monarch to be born without a title, or a courtesy title, in roughly 500 years, meaning his parents wanted Phillips to grow up as much as possible without the privilege of the peerage, according to BBC. In 2021, Phillips' net worth is bound to shrink, as he heads to court with his estranged wife Autumn Phillips to settle their divorce. According to the Daily Mail, the couple have agreed to separate their finances.

Princess Beatrice

One of Queen Elizabeth II's eight grandchildren, Princess Beatrice has a net worth of about $6.5 million, according to South China Morning Post. She's named after Queen Victoria's youngest child. She lives with dyslexia and has become an outspoken advocate for the learning disability, which is something she calls a gift. "If by sharing my story I can help one young person, whether they're 11 or 7 just receiving the news that they've got the gift of dyslexia, then I think you've got such a fantastic opportunity," she explained to Hello! Magazine.

Despite her wealth and learning challenges, Beatrice has a good work ethic and is one of the few regal relatives to hold a day job, working in finance and consulting, per Good Housekeeping. She's also responsible for one of the strangest recent stories involving the British royals, when in 2020, she sliced pop star Ed Sheeran's face with a sword while pretending to knight another pop star, James Blunt, per the Observer.

Princess Eugenie

According to her Celebrity Net Worth, Beatrice's sister, Eugenie, sits on a net worth of about $10 million in her own right. That number is disputed, however, with Harper's Bazaar estimating the net worth of Eugenie and her husband, Jack Brooksbank, at only around $4.7 million. Contributing to this discrepancy could be the fact that Brooksbank is not a royal, and so no one knows for certain how much money he has.

Nevertheless, Eugenie did things the old-fashioned way, at least for a royal, and much like her sister Beatrice, chasing her interests in art, literature, and politics to Newcastle University, and then, working day jobs at auction houses and art galleries in both London and New York — which are opportunities she likely earned on her own and had nothing to do with her royal lineage. Otherwise, Eugenie takes no money from the privy purse — a slush fund of sorts for the British royals to draw from. She does supplement her modest (by the standards of royalty) income with public engagements, however.

Queen Elizabeth II

Surely, the queen of England must be the wealthiest of all, but the fact of the matter is HRH sits on far less cash than you might expect, although it's unlikely she's searching the couch cushions for spare change. Per Celebrity Net Worth, Queen Elizabeth II's net worth is an estimated net $600 million, which is a nice problem to have. 

However, the income doesn't mean she's the richest monarch on the planet, nor is she even the wealthiest aristocrat in England, according to Quartz. Per Tatler, Hugh Grosvenor, seventh Duke of Westminster — Liz ranks 17th, believe it or not — has an estimated value of nearly £10.295 billion. In U.S. dollars, that's a whopping $15 billion! 

All that being said, and even though certain members of the royal family are less wealthy than you might expect, it's highly unlikely the queen, or any of her relatives, will be hard up for cash any time soon.