The Truth About Gary Coleman's Ex-Wife Shannon Price

The Hollywood landscape has always been littered with marriages that have not lasted or had incidents occur that kept the writers at various celebrity magazines quite busy. The pairing of the late Gary Coleman and Shannon Price was no different. While they surely had some good days, especially in the beginning, it reportedly devolved into acrimony and even needed police involvement at times. 

The two met in 2006 on the set of a movie, per ABC News. Their relationship moved at warp speed. Apparently, Price was so enamored of Coleman that she proposed to him only months after they met. While it was a fast track to marriage, it doesn't hold the celebrity record (unofficial) of Pamela Anderson marrying Tommy Lee a mere 96 hours after meeting him. Still, the speedy tying of the knot seemingly did not portend the stormy days ahead. 

Eventually, their relationship became unsustainable. Their marriage ended, though it didn't stop Price from trying to keep a piece of his estate after his death. That was only one of the things she purportedly did that got people's attention. 

Things deteriorated for Gary Coleman and Shannon Price

Gary Coleman and Shannon Price's relationship reportedly soured after they moved to Utah. The two even appeared on the show, "Divorce Court" where they aired their grievances for all to see, via the LA Times. It got so bad that he took out a restraining order against Price three months before he died, per the New York Daily News. There had been an incident involving domestic violence that got Price arrested, and Coleman had also been arrested for a different incident, per CBS News

Things became truly tragic when Price found Coleman after he had fallen and badly injured the back of his head, according to ABC News. He ultimately died, and there was some suspicion about his ex-wife's role. She was the one who decided to take him off life support, since the hospital felt that she had the authority despite being his ex-wife. His estranged parents wanted his remains. After all was said and done, a business associate got his ashes, per Hollywood

The drama continued as far as the former child's star's property. Ultimately, Price claimed that she and Coleman were common-law married at the time of Coleman's death and that she was therefore entitled to his estate. A Utah judge disagreed and ruled against her, via Deseret News.

Price has since faded into obscurity. Her career as an actress pretty much nonexistent as her IMDb page is currently skimpy on credits.