Elton John Can't Stop Spending Money On This Vice

If you "make it" as a celebrity — a musician, an actor, a YouTuber, a sports star, etc. — it's a fair bet that you'll make millions, if not hundreds of millions. Indeed, the allure of wealth is one of the things that draws people to the entertainment and sports worlds. For every billionaire celebrity entertainer, however, there are thousands of people who tried and failed, their stories lost to the ether.

Wealthy celebrities often go broke just as fast they get rich. Sometimes it's simply an inability to manage money, which has been the downfall of many wealthy people over the year. Other celebrities blow it all on addictions, sometimes on drugs or gambling, but just as often on extravagant spending: See Nicolas Cage, for example (per Finance Buzz).

Sir Elton John has battled addiction, according to The Sun, but he does not appear to have gone broke that way, or indeed, any other way. The "Tiny Dancer" singer does have an expensive vice, however, and it reportedly costs him something akin to the price of a suburban American home every couple years.

Elton John reportedly blows hundreds of thousands of dollars on flowers

Though he's made hundreds of millions of dollars, Sir Elton John doesn't mind spending it just as quickly as he makes it. Indeed, he said as much to a court in 2000. "I don't have any people to leave my money to. I'm a single man. I like to spend money. It's my money to spend," he said, per UPI. In fact, the singer was so cavalier about his finances that he reportedly refused to read his financial reports or discuss money with his managers.

Nevertheless, in 2000 he was compelled to file a lawsuit against his money team after it was discovered that, in a 20-month period, he'd blown through about $57 million. Among the receipts from this period, according to The Guardian, was a bill for £293,000 (about $400,000, give or take), for flowers.

That was, of course, over 20 years ago. In 2019, however, The Things reported that he continues to spend money on flowers, although the details were rather thin, stating only that he spends "a fortune" on flowers and buys a "large amount regularly."