The Tragic Death Of Pink's Father

Popstar Pink went from being a troubled Pennsylvania teen to selling out arenas worldwide (via Biography). Born Alecia Moore, she is also a self-proclaimed "daddy's girl" (per Genius). Though her parents Jim Moore and Judy Moore divorced when she was a child, Pink's father was always a constant in her life. According to The U.S. Sun, Moore, a Vietnam War veteran, was his daughter's "biggest supporter." The feeling was undoubtedly mutual as US Weekly reports that Pink has been nothing but open about the strong bond she had with her father.

Per People, the father-daughter duo even performed together. In 2007, they sang "I Have Seen the Rain" at one of her concerts. Songfacts writes that the song appears on Pink's 2006 album "I'm Not Dead" and was written by Moore while he was serving in Vietnam. As the intro of the song denotes, Pink and her father would sing it to other veterans while she was growing up (via Genius). She also stated that it was "the first song I ever learned."

Pink's father's cancer diagnosis

According to People, Moore was also instrumental in helping Pink during her 2008 separation from her husband, Carey Hart. After an incident with the paparazzi, who asked her about her impending divorce, Pink stated she broke down and called her dad. Moore showed up to her hotel room three hours later, "no questions asked." She later said that "he was strong enough not only to fight his own monsters but mine" (via US Weekly). Heartbreakingly, in July 2020, Pink announced that her father had prostate cancer and had recently finished his second round of chemo.

Per Today, Moore was not letting his illness bring him down. He joked around and continued to lift his family's spirits. In a post on her Instagram, Pink wrote that it was "amazing" to see her father "whistle through hell." 

Sadly, in August 2021, 75-year-old Moore died (per Page Six). In October, Pink continued to mourn her father on what would have been his 76th birthday. Today reported that she wasn't "ready" to miss him and wasn't sure if she could "handle" the reality of the situation. Jim Moore is survived by his wife Grace, daughter Pink, son Jason Moore, and his two grandchildren. Pink has stated several times that Moore was her "favorite person."