Weirdest Laws In California

California is one of those states that has a little bit of everything. It's known for historical events like the Gold Rush and for iconic places like Hollywood and San Francisco. You also can experience the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Venice Beach, and Yosemite National Park without having to leave the state. As home to some of the most beautiful places in the world, it makes sense why people the world over dream of going there.

While the Golden State has a reputation for being a gorgeous travel destination filled with many fascinating places, there are some that see California as a bit... different. There are some out there who automatically think EVERYONE surfs, smokes pot, lives next door to a movie star, and that it never rains. (Not all of those are true, by the way.) While California can be a spectacular place to check out, before you pack your bags and book your flight, you might want to check out some of the laws you will need to abide by once there. There are definitely some weird ones.

Speed limits and housecoats

Driving in huge cities like San Francisco and LA can be stressful to say the least, so many forgo owning a car altogether. However, those that choose the joys of car ownership must also take on the responsibilities that come with it. According to Merrill, Arnone, and Jones, you better make sure that your car does not run off without a driver. Yet, if it happens to escape, it is not allowed to go more than 60 miles per hour, while driverless. Once you catch your runaway car, make sure whoever is driving it isn't a woman in a housecoat, since that's illegal too.

If you live in Glendale, hope that you never need to drive in reverse, since it's against the law there (via California). Also, hunting game from a moving vehicle is also prohibited, unless of course you're whaling. Because, you know... that is the most logical way to do that.

Exotic pets and animal citizens

Animal lovers in the Golden State also have some rules to take into consideration when it comes to their furry (or flying) friends. For example, if you're out and about in Arcadia, make sure that you yield to any peacock that might amble across your path. According to California, peacocks are official citizens of the town, therefore they have the right of way. There are additional rules for interacting with the wildlife in places like Fresno. If you're strolling through one of the city parks, make sure you don't pester or annoy the lizards (via The Law Advisory). They certainly must hate that.

While on the subject of pets, you apparently can have some pretty exotic ones if you live in Cali. Per Ranker, if you move to Norco, it is totally acceptable to own a rhinoceros. Just make sure you have your $100 permit first. Also, if you happen to be out walking your elephant down Market Street, make sure you have the adorable pachyderm on a leash, since it's illegal to do so otherwise.

Not always fun

California is often portrayed as the land of fun in the sun and all that, right? However, there are some laws to keep things from getting too frisky. Only in Your State tells us that it is illegal to play with a Frisbee on the beaches in SoCal, unless you have the permission of the lifeguard. In addition to no Frisbee on the beach, you are also forbidden from riding your bike in a swimming pool, so you'll need to plan something else for your water activities.

Since it seems like some of these laws want to limit fun time on the beach or in the pool, you may consider doing things elsewhere. Unfortunately, even with that, you run into some limitations. If you wanted to play some pinball, forget about it if you live in El Monte (via The Law Advisory). Maybe bowling is more your speed anyway, but make sure you keep it in the alley or on your lawn because it is prohibited on sidewalks in Southern California.

Interesting bathtub limitations

Apparently, Californians are a little weird about their bathrooms. According to American Bath Factory, there are lots of illegal things you can do with bathtubs. In LA, it's prohibited to put more than one baby in a bathtub at the same time. So if you have two young ones and want to clean them at the same time, you're out of luck.

Since you can't put more than one kid in a tub, it might be a good thing to have more than one then, right? Wrong! In Prunedale, you are limited to one bathtub per home (via The Law Advisory). If you thought you were going to relax in your (one) bathtub and have a nice orange for a snack, forget it, as it is illegal to eat an orange while sitting in your tub.

Additionally, while these days bathing in general is more of a private affair, if you were thinking about owning or visiting a public bath house, those aren't allowed either (per Ranker).

Shoes, clothes, or nothing?

Oftentimes when people picture Californians, they may imagine anything from the surfers on the beach to the hippies of the '60s, or even the glamorous stars of Hollywood. Though there is a wide spectrum of style choices, there are some laws that pertain to your clothes as well. According to California, in Carmel, women are not allowed to wear high heels within city limits. However, if boots are more your thing, that's cool, just make sure that you own at least two cows before you get a pair if you are in Blythe (via The Law Advisory).

In addition to your shoes, you have to have the right outfit to go with it. In some places in Northern California, the right clothes are extra important because a man can't go outside without a matching jacket and pants (per Only in Your State). It isn't simply frowned upon, it's straight up illegal. However, if you want to forgo clothes completely, you can walk around in your birthday suit in San Francisco, but you must have a parade permit to do so.