The Mysterious Disappearance Of Ann Sigmin Explained

In the early morning hours of October 19, 1986, Ann Sigman contacted authorities to report her husband Charlie had been shot dead. As reported by Mysterious Universe, Sigman and her husband were separated at the time and she and her two children had been staying with her friend — and suspected lover — Garey Goff.

When authorities arrived on scene, Sigman and Goff said Charlie showed up at Goff's house unannounced and heavily intoxicated. According to Sigman and Goff, Charlie demanded to be allowed inside the home, and ultimately forced his way inside. Unsolved Mysteries reports Sigman said Charlie physically attacked her so Goff struck him with an iron rod and ultimately shot him in self-defense.

As reported by Mysterious Universe, neither Sigman nor Goff were arrested. However, they were both considered suspects and authorities launched an extensive investigation into Sigman's relationship with her estranged husband and the events leading up to the shooting.

The investigation would lead to accusations of witchcraft, satanic rituals, and premeditated murder. However, before authorities could make an arrest, both Sigman and Goff vanished without a trace.

By all accounts, Charlie and Ann were, at one time, deeply in love. As reported by Mysterious Universe, Ann had two children from a previous relationship, and Charlie vowed to take care of her and to be a good father to her children. He purchased a 9-acre farm for his family, which he named "C and A's," to demonstrate his commitment to their new life together. 

Ann Sigmin was reportedly involved in the occult

As reported by Unsolved Mysteries, Charlie Sigman began to express concerns about his new wife in the summer of 1986. In addition to suspecting Ann was having an affair, Charlie had reason to believe she was involved in the occult.

Mysterious Universe reports Charlie discussed his concerns with his friend Charlie Igleheart. According to Igleheart, Charlie became disturbed when he discovered Ann was reading a number of books about witchcraft and paranormal activities. However, he was specifically alarmed when he found an unusual doll in the bedroom they shared.

When Charlie confronted Ann about the doll, she told him it was a Voodoo-type doll that she used for her witchcraft rituals. She also told him the doll was capable of trapping evil spirits. Charlie was troubled by the doll and his wife's increasing interest in the occult. However, he did not make the decision to separate from his wife until he witnessed her participating in a frightening ritual.

In an interview with Unsolved Mysteries, Charlie Igleheart said Sigman told him he awoke on several evenings to find Ann missing from the home. However, on one occasion he went outside to find a light on inside the vegetable shed. Igleheart said, "He went out and opened the door and she was sitting on the floor in a negligee ... She had a semi-circles of candles around her and a poster of a Satan-like figure on the wall, was chanting ... "

Ann Sigmin became a suspect in her estranged husband's death

According to Igleheart, Charlie confronted Ann and ultimately asked her to leave the home. As reported by Mysterious Universe, Ann Sigmin and her children immediately moved into the home of Garey Goff, who was a former police officer and one of Charlie's childhood friends. According to reports, Charlie was heartbroken over the separation, and questioned whether he overreacted by asking Ann to leave. However, the situation remained volatile, as Goff reportedly called and threatened Charlie on numerous occasions.

On the evening of October 19, 1986, Charlie was at home when he received a disturbing phone call from Ann. Unsolved Mysteries reports a friend of Charlie's, who was present when he received the call, said Ann "was threatening suicide" and Charlie could hear her sons crying in the background. Charlie told his friend he had to go to Garey Goff's home to check on Ann and her children.

Although Ann and Garey later said Charlie was intoxicated when he arrived at their home, Charlie's friend said he "was quite sober" when he left. The friend also said Charlie did not appear to be concerned about a confrontation, as he decided to leave his gun at the house.

When authorities arrived on scene, they determined Charlie had been beaten with an iron rod and shot a total of seven times. Although Garey insisted he was forced to kill Charlie in self-defense, authorities were not convinced, per Unsolved Mysteries.

Ann Sigmin vanished before police could arrest her for murder

Amid their investigation, Mysterious Universe reports authorities were contacted by one of Ann Sigmin's friends, who said Ann told her she did something to Charlie. In an attempt to gain enough evidence to make an arrest, authorities convinced the friend to wear a wire while she attempted to get Ann to confess.

During the conversation, Ann admitted to her friend that she and Garey planned to get out of dodge. However, by the time authorities obtained the arrest warrants, they both had already left town. As reported by Unsolved Mysteries, Ann left both of her children behind.

In May 1989, Goff turned himself in to authorities. According to Mysterious Universe, Goff claimed he and Ann had broken up and he was frightened because she threatened to place a curse on him. He ultimately entered an Alford Plea to second-degree murder and was subsequently sentenced to 20 years in prison. Although he publicly pleaded for Ann to surrender to authorities, she was never seen or heard from again.

Goff was released from prison in 2002. Unsolved Mysteries reports authorities believe Ann Sigmin is still alive and on the run. They suspect she may be living in Arizona or Oregon, and may be using the name Andy Hayes or Andy Partlowe. There is currently an open warrant for her arrest for first-degree murder.