The Real Reason Paramore Took A Break

Hailing from Franklin, Tennessee, Paramore is known for their emo pop and catchy rock anthems (via All Music). The band, which currently consists of lead singer Hayley Williams, Zac Farro, and Taylor York, released their first album, "All We Know Is Falling," in 2005. Though it garnered them some attention, it would be their sophomore album, "RIOT!," that would take them to the top. Per, their singles "Misery Business," "Crushcrushcrush," and "That's What You Get," became instant commercial successes.

Their song "Decode" from the 2008 film "Twilight" would ultimately bring them worldwide fame (per Paramore Music). Paramore would subsequently release "Brand New Eyes" in 2009, "Paramore" in 2013, and "After Laughter" in 2017. Shortly after, Williams told Fader that she had actually quit the band in 2015 due to her ongoing battle with depression. This was only temporary, however, as she would later return to complete "After Laughter." However, in 2019 Pop Buzz reports that Paramore announced that they had no plans to release any new music for the time being.

Paramore had been working non-stop for years

According to Pop Buzz, Paramore explained that they needed a break after "grinding away for nearly 15 years." They also urged fans "to do the same" and to "take care of themselves." This news came after Williams had told Entertainment Tonight that she didn't know "what's next for Paramore." Though the band went on hiatus, Williams did not. Loudwire writes that she released two solo albums in 2020 and 2021 respectively. She also pursued other business ventures, including creating a vegan beauty company. In November 2021, however, Williams teased that Paramore would perhaps be making a return.

Less than two months later, she told Rolling Stone that the band was working on a new album, their first since 2017. Although the title and release date are currently unknown, Williams did note that their new music would have "more emphasis" on the guitar and that they did not want to rehash "the same sh**." She expressed having anxiety about their reunion but that it quickly dissipated. Though the band started their sessions in Nashville, they have now relocated to California (via another article from Loudwire). This 2022 return is special, as it marks the 20-year anniversary of Williams meeting Farro and York.