How Tommy Lee Really Feels About Sebastian Stan Playing Him In Pam & Tommy

Rocker Tommy Lee has been through his share of controversy and public attention in the 40 years since his band, Mötley Crüe, first got big. Like a lot of rock stars, he's had his share of personal and legal issues, such as a period of alcohol dependence during which he drank two gallons of vodka per day (as Kerrang reported), and an assault charge against a photographer (as The Associated Press reported). However, the aspect of his life that has generated the most attention may be his tumultuous relationship with actress Pamela Anderson. As Us Magazine explains, their whirlwind romance resulted first in a sex tape, and over the years, would include assault charges as well as multiple stops and starts, before they split up for good in 2010.

This period of the rock star's life will be dramatized in the upcoming Hulu series "Pam & Tommy," which is set to drop in February 2022. (The trailer is on YouTube.) Actor Sebastian Stan will be taking on the role of Mr. Lee, and the drummer has been rather terse with the media about how he feels about the actor portraying him.

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Tommy Lee appears to approve

For those not familiar, Sebastian Stan (above) has been steadily acting for over a decade, appearing in roles in "The Martian" and "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier," among others, per IMDb. For his role as the real-life Tommy Lee, it appears that the two men talked things over personally. "I know Sebastian, he's playing me. From what he's told me, [it's a] really beautiful story," Lee told ET.

Despite having little to say about Stan portraying him, it seems that Lee is excited about the upcoming series in general. He was clear that, despite the show's difficult subject matter, he's confident that the network will have done a good job. "The story's actually cool. What actually happened wasn't, but [Stan] tells me it's pretty wild," Lee said.

One person who's unambiguously enthusiastic about Stan's portrayal of Lee is Stan's "Winter Soldier" co-star Anthony Mackie. "He crushed it. I mean, he really was able to transform, and that's every actor's dream with every role you play," Mackie said, via Us Magazine.